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Navigating the Complex Sale introduces processes and resources to create and execute sales strategy in accounts with multiple stakeholders who influence a buying decision. It provides sales executives with the tools needed to confidently and skillfully manage strategic accounts in which multiple and diverse personalities are involved in the decision-making process. This course was created in 1980 by Ron Willingham.

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Course Topics

  • Analysis of current coaching skills and goal setting.
  • Understanding the personal and business case
    for coaching.
  • Learning and applying a simple coaching process
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Challenges Adressed

  • Need to improve identification of and engagement with multiple stakeholders and influencers within accounts.
  • Need to clarify decision-making process within complex selling environments.
  • Not identifying and leveraging internal “Champions”.
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Integrity Solutions is a performance-based training organization that enables sales teams to build trusted customer relationships with integrity as the foundation. Their courses equip salespeople and managers with the mindset and skill sets needed to be exceptional at building customer relationships.

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