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Negotiation Quotient (NQ) teaches negotiation strategies and tactics that increase profitability in all situations, from transactional sales to long-term strategic agreements. Delivered through episode-length, Hollywood-quality videos and paired with learning support and resources, NQ is proven to deliver an engaging and impactful experience that sticks with viewers.

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Course Topics

  • Tactical and Competitive Negotiating
  • Relationship-Focused Negotiating

Challenges Adressed

  • Identify basic challenges faced in any negotiation.
  • Label, and be able to counter, common tactics.
  • Calibrate their approach based on pressure in
  • Employ discovery tactics and set appropriate targets.
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SPARXiQ provides truly unique training on the critical sales skills that differentiate top performers from the rest in today’s modern marketplace. Providing Hollywood-quality video training content paired with engagement exercises and learning support, SPARXiQ offers virtual sales training that is as impactful as it is enjoyable.

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