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Sales Enablement/Content Management

Data Dwell Sales Enablement for Salesforce

Data Dwell makes content work harder for marketing and sales teams by transforming the way companies work with digital content. Position, track, tailor, prioritize and analyze content – direct from Salesforce.

Headquarters: Reykjavík, IS

Offices: London, UK; San Francisco, C

Pricing / Packaging

$22.00 USD per user per month SaaS subscription with discounts based on number of users. Additional implementation fee based on scope of work. Other services available to implement and integrate to 3rd party solutions.

Implementation / Usage

A few hours to two weeks for an average of 100 users.

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Category: Sales Enablement / Content Management


Sales Enablement from Data Dwell dynamically positions content to prospects based-on Salesforce attributes and works directly in the Salesforce platform. Promoting the latest and best performing content to sellers so they can have the most relevant conversations with prospects. Engagement content is tracked, and sellers receive real-time alerts. Scoring for every prospect makes data-driven prioritization simple. Marketing has access to detailed consumption analytics to guide strategy and determine ROI for content.


Customers: 70

Customers: 7,500

Key Customers: Marel, Salutem Healthcare, Liberis


  • Communications
  • Distribution
  • Financial
  • Services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
  • Tech
  • Retail


  • Europe
  • North America


  • Find the right content based on prospect attributes.
  • More accurately forecast deal pipeline with engagement scoring to map against forecast and show where sellers may be overconfident.
  • Reduce sales cycles with better conversations and notify sellers when prospects engage.
  • Improve prospect engagement with proven content to make reaching out more relevant.
  • Better outcomes from each interaction by using content that drives conversation and tracking prospect engagement.
  • More prospect conversations with content proven to work.
  • Faster lead to response with relevant content and emails paired with automation rules in Salesforce.
  • Reduce number of platforms in use with content tracked in Salesforce.
  • Improve win rates with proven content with more relevant conversations and content and notifications when prospects engage.


  • KPI 1: Improve conversion rate from leads to new customers.
  • KPI 2: Improve content-ROI by showing what content works.
  • KPI 3: Usage data for specific assets or types of assets.
  • KPI 4: Reduce sales cycles with scheduling and alerts of actions needed.
  • KPI 5: Fewer compliance issues by ensuring only approved content is used.


Key Capabilities

  • Create email/call-sequencing workflows based on events and activities.
  • Create, share, and customize email templates in Salesforce with links.
  • Deliver persona-based messaging and content can be used to position persona-specific content, call scripts, coaching notes/videos.
  • Deliver recommended actions based on best practices.
  • Get alerts/digests on key accounts based on engagement.
  • Know when buyers engage with sellers’ emails and content via Email, Slack, and Chatter notifications.
  • Plan account-specific strategies.
  • Provide prospect-specific call scripts.
  • Send email to a full list of prospects.
  • Send video email messages and with detailed analytics on playback.

Administrative Portal

Configure e-mail templates, Slack integrations. Salesforce handles all user/team permissions and access.


  • Views of internal/external usage and engagement with content.
  • Map usage by sales stage, time and frequency.
  • History of all contact level engagement with content.
  • Report on user/group and organizational use of content.
  • Track how content used, and if used out of recommended stage.

Content Customization and Creation

Any content can be stored as a record attachment in SFDC is available and can be broken down at page/slide level. Documents can be created and edited in Data Dwell, and there are controls over what can be edited. User-created videos supported.

Content Management

Organize into folders, sales kits, and playbooks.

Content Tagging / Metadata

Standard and custom Salesforce fields to tag content for search.

Demos and Apps

Supports HTML5 and JavaScript with engagement analytics.

Engagement, Email, List Management, and Scheduling

  • Engagement data entered into Salesforce.
  • Salesforce or imported contact lists supported and managed at account level and choose based on any field.
  • Email templates as content items.
  • Mass emails with mail merge.
  • Calendaring and scheduling of emails.
  • Registration for content links.
  • Engagement scoring based on interaction, viewers, time spent.

Forms, Polling, Surveys

Full support with templates, question formats (multiple-choice, free-form, select-all-that apply, etc.). All customizable and scorable.

Notifications and Distribution

Visible on Salesforce tab, filtered by job role. Email notifications via Salesforce.

Recommendations / Guided Selling

Based on any standard or custom fields displays in Opportunity tab. Can include marketing automation info if synced to Salesforce. Includes description and thumbnail and user ratings, shares and opens.

Social Integrations

Social media engagement if tracked links are in content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms.

Training / LMS Content

As internal only content if stored in Salesforce.

Videos / Presentations

Videos can be incorporated into content. User-created videos can be created and incorporated.


Data from Data Dwell can be used as an input to Einstein.


  • CRM: Salesforce.
  • Email / Messaging: Chatter Gmail, Outlook, Slack.
  • Business Intelligence: Any tools that connect to Salesforce.
  • Marketing Automation: HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot.
  • Storage Repositories: Any data stored in Salesforce. SharePoint, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box.
  • API/SDK available


Supports multiple instances for partners/channels with full administrative portal.


Email and phone, premium support available.

Device / WebSupport

  • Web: Via Lighting Experience for Microsoft IE version 11, Apple Safari version 8.x on Mac OS X. Stable versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, MS Edge, and Google Chrome are also supported.
  • Mobile: Android, iOS.

Language Support:

User Interface: English