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Challenges Addressed

  • Access to situational or subject matter experts.
  • Simplify finding the right content.
  • Reduce lengthy sales cycles.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • Increased adoption and use by customer-facing teams.
  • Improved marketing team efficiency with ad-hoc content requests reduced by 70-80%.
  • Higher content engagement and usage across multiple channels and campaigns.
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  • Deliver persona-based messaging and content.
  • Get alerts/digests on key accounts’ content engagement.
  • Get intelligent recommendations for updating CRM records.
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Content is important in any sales and marketing process. Content is increasingly created and housed in multiple systems. And content tends to be in different formats serving different needs. Enablix helps centralize access to all important and trusted content from one single app. Enablix helps users maintain a high-quality content source with an easy to use discovery and tracking mechanism. By supporting integrations into different communication and usage channels, sellers benefit from consistency, content performance visibility, and having marketing and sales on the same page.

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