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Challenges Addressed by Power2Motivate's Seller Incentives Platform

  • Improved adherence to sales process by rewarding correct actions.
  • Enhance seller skills by rewarding actions and training.
  • Higher win rates by incentivizing closing of deals.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Increased sales.
  • Increased performance (activities, actions, behavior).
  • Higher employee satisfaction and retention.
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  • Define and reward desired behaviors, and socially amplify the results.
  • Define types of incentives to specific roles, departments, or functions. Managers can be rewarded for subordinates’ performance.
  • Align or integrate with quota and compensation plans.
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Power2 Motivate - Seller Incentives

CarltonOne Engagement delivers leading SaaS-based solutions for recognition, incentives, loyalty, and reward management. Three core platforms impact 3.5 million members in 185 countries: Power2Motivate®, from 2007, for a custom, private label platform to recognize performance, reward loyalty, and motivate goal achievement; Global Reward Solutions®, from 2011, automates reward sourcing, and fulfillment with a wide selection of brands; and Evergrow®, launching in 2020, uses AI to create data-driven, personal engagement journeys to make work more meaningful by funding the planting of new native trees.

Power2Motivate is a customer loyalty, incentive, and employee recognition platform. Clients can use it to quickly set-up and deploy cost-effective and completely customizable sales and channel incentive programs, with a wide choice of rewards from the many brands.

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