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Account & Opportunity Planning Sales Accelerator Suite

For 28 years, infoteam’s methodology for winning deals and account development has been implemented by over 2,200 companies in 15 languages. In 2002, infoteam introduced the Roadmap Software to create a Software with a Service (SwaS) as an offering that is modular and customizable; and combines sales technology, methodology, and coaching to achieve sustainable impacts on business results. With continuous customer input, infoteam has added customer-facing tools and “decision accelerators” such as the Appointment 1-Pager, the Deal 1-Pager, and the Mutually Agreed Action Plan.

Headquarters: London, UK

Offices: Atlanta, GA; Zurich, CH

Pricing / Packaging

SaaS annual subscription with initial set-up, customization, and implementation service fees. Tiered-pricing based on number of seats and additional options selected.

Implementation / Usage

For 50-5,000 users, eight weeks to six months. Customer input helps to customize the solution based on current sales processes and real-life examples.

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Category: Account & Opportunity Planning


The Sales Accelerator Suite combines sales technology, methodology, and coaching to achieve sustainable impacts on business results. With a push of a button in Salesforce, it creates customer-facing, professional “1-Pagers” for first appointments, executive summaries, and closing plans. Sales Accelerators can be flexibly organized to various sales processes for small, medium, or enterprise sales teams. The Digital Coaching Center and intelligent alerts give leaders and salespeople the right mix of tools to focus on the most important sales opportunities and win more of them.


Reference Customers: Allianz, Elavon/US Bank, Festo, Sprint Business, Vodafone.


  • Financial Services
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Investment Banking
  • Insurance
  • Retail
  • Software Sales
  • Technology
  • Telecom
  • Geos: North America, EMEA, LATAM, APAC, Russia.


  • Improve forecast accuracy by ensuring sellers are targeting and advancing the opportunities most likely to close.
  • Shorten sales cycles using 1-Pager accelerators to speed the customer decision process.
  • Faster ramp time for sellers with coaching, methodologies, and software to guide sellers through the opportunity process.
  • More buyer conversations by identifying new contacts and personalized value statements.
  • Improve outcomes from seller-buyer interactions by structuring process to reach agreed-upon expected outcomes.
  • Better coaching with built-in coaching questions at every step.
  • Reduce tools/apps needed with a tool built directly inline within Salesforce.
  • Improve sales discipline with an embedded sales process at all stages.
  • Win more by combining methodology, technology, and coaching.


  • KPI 1: Higher win rates with better strategy, planning, and coaching.
  • KPI 2: Improved team productivity by qualifying opportunities faster and earlier.
  • KPI 3: Increased deal sizes with more complete and earlier reviews and understanding of customer needs.
  • KPI 4: Shorter sales cycles by engaging earlier and building buyer consensus.
  • KPI 5: More accurate forecasts by increasing awareness and reducing risk.



  • Collaborate on activities and responsibilities with a consistent framework and language for tracking and reviewing opportunities.
  • Convert customer value to shareholder value.
  • Identify referrals to help close deals.
  • Keep sellers focused on process and priorities with alerts for missing information and recommending actions.
  • Know details on opportunities, accounts, and leads from every system.
  • Be aware of which opportunities are at risk before missing commitments.
  • Know who is involved from both sides, their seniority and key trends.
  • Track and monitor changes in deal status and the causes.

Actions / Tasks

  • Actions, goals, priorities, and strategies for each opportunity.
  • Assign and track milestones.
  • Automatically generate tasks and changes within Salesforce.

Administrative Portal

  • User/License management, customization of user interface and export. Full customization of tool labels, sales process, and recommended actions.
  • Prepopulated tool data.

Alerts / Notifications

  • Highlights missing information to trigger seller actions.
  • Real-time alerts visible within CRM.
  • Based on analytics, “red flags” for certain actions.
  • Management receives alerts.


  • SWOT and Whitespace analysis including account targeting.
  • Report on factors that make deals successful.
  • Analytics highlight actions needed.
  • Dashboards for sellers and sales management.
  • Filter by team, deal size, win rate, sales stage, win/loss.
  • Pipeline/forecast reporting.

Buyer Consensus

  • Select contacts to be included, or automatically populated.
  • Relationship mapping, org charts, buyer process, roles, influencers, deciders.
  • Alerts based on buyer team engagement and task reporting.


  • Select Sales Accelerators by sale/opportunity type.
  • Create templates for different deal types (admin level use).
  • Customize field labels.
  • Drop-downs supported for field selection.

Calendaring and Scheduling

Actions that automatically create tasks in Salesforce can integrate with scheduling/calendaring apps that integrate with Salesforce.

Call Planning

  • Appointment 1-Pagers for call planning create questions based on templates and generate questions to be used during a call.
  • Includes a notes section.
  • Meeting plans can be exported and shared.

Coaching / Guided Selling

  • Manager alerts on missed/missing actions.
  • Automated coaching questions for managers based on alerts.
  • “Pocket Guides” for managers to use during deal and account reviews.

Contact / List Management

  • Import from CRM.
  • Updates to contact automatically entered into CRM.
  • Forms and surveys can be created to use with buyers.

Sales Enablement / Content Management

  • User-specific content can be added to use as part of Sales Accelerators.

Sales Methodology and Process

Templates supporting methodologies including Winning Complex Sales and Managing Strategic Accounts. Can be customized to support others.

Sales Playbooks

Create playbooks using 1-pagers and Sales Accelerator Roadmaps.


Programmatic and conditional logic to generate intelligent alerts based on tasks, dates, and actions.


  • CRM: Salesforce
  • Email / Calendars, Productivity: All that integrate with Salesforce.
  • Business Intelligence: All that integrate with Salesforce.
  • API/SDK: Available


Supports multiple instances.


  • Customer Support: Email and phone.

Device / Web Support

  • Web: All that are supported by Salesforce.
  • Mobile / Tablet: Android, iOS, any device that supports a modern browser.

Language Support:

  • User Interface: French, English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. Other languages can be added as required.