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Challenges Addressed by SalesHood's Learning Management System

  • Find the right content with unified smart search on desktop and mobile using tagging and filters.
  • Assessments like quizzes, role-play, call reviews, and more enable managers and enablement managers to see who needs coaching.
  • Shorter sales cycles with micro-learning and just-in-time learning modules to get reps trained up quickly.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Reduced ramp with time to first deal, time to second deal, and better productivity of cohorts with our prescriptive learning paths.
  • Increased quota attainment coaching huddles and peer to peer knowledge sharing.
  • Higher win rates with competitor and sales skill training, best practice sharing, richer customer conversations, and better play execution.


  • Analyze and transcribe recorded sales calls for coaching and insights.
  • Empower sales reps to ask any question to team-members.
  • Proactively deliver expert knowledge.
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SalesHood's Learning Management System

SalesHood’s Learning Management System (LMS) enables customers to optimize their onboarding process and ongoing skill development. It helps companies amplify new sellers’ performance by improving time to ramp and revenue with just-in-time learning, customizable training modules, tests, surveys, and instant feedback for an onboarding and ongoing learning process that’s engaging, collaborative, and measurable.

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