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SalesLoft’s sales engagement platform, introduced in 2014, helps sales organizations deliver a better sales experience for their customers. More than 2,000 customers use the company’s category-leading sales engagement platform to engage with more relevance, authenticity, and sincerity.

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Offices: San Francisco, CA, New York, NY

Pricing / Packaging

SaaS monthly subscription with pricing options based on function including Dialers for US/Canada and Rest-of-World (ROW); recording, transcription, storage of sales meetings; and implementation packages.

Implementation / Usage

For 15+ users, six to eight weeks. Work with customer to create implementation project plan, coordinate meetings, and organize training sessions. Salesforce Admins will need to assist with field configuration, install a dashboard package, and build reports from SalesLoft data.

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Category: Sales Prospecting & Engagement


The SalesLoft sales engagement platform offers real-time activity tracking, an integrated sales dialer, social communications, and conversational intelligence so sales leaders can be confident sellers are executing the most effective selling process for their organization.


Customers: 2,000+

Seats: 40,000+

Reference Customers: Alteryx, Dell, MuleSoft, Square, TriNet.


  • Financial Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Professional Services
  • Media
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Technology


  • North America
  • EU / EMEA
  • APAC


  • Know who needs coaching with Live Call Studio, call recording, and analytics.
  • Faster ramp times with proven engagement schedules, templates, and scripts that drive and track seller activities.
  • Improve outcomes from interactions with schedules and templates.
  • More prospect conversations with activity tracking so sellers know when they should prospect, research and execute.
  • Better quality and quantity of CRM data with automatic activity logging.
  • Stronger sales process discipline with best practice codified multi-channel cadences. Analytics offer insights into who needs coaching.
  • Improve seller skills by codifying the sales process with engagement schedules, templates, and scripts.
  • Reduce apps in use by working from Salesforce, SalesLoft, or email inbox. With 45+ integrations reduce open tabs and screen-switching.
  • Higher win rates by focusing on activities efficiency, and velocity.
  • Faster lead response with automation rules, instant auto-responders, and notifications for inbound leads.


  • KPI 1: Up to 40% increase in seller activities that drive engagement.
  • KPI 2: Increase opportunity creation and conversion by 10-20%.
  • KPI 3: Grow deal sizes up to 35% with improved account targeting.
  • KPI 4: Measurable increase in pipeline with more and larger deals.
  • KPI 5: Higher win rates with up to 10% increase in number of opportunities.


Key Capabilities

  • Track activity by channel, results, and adherence to cadences.
  • Strategic orchestration for regular, targeted, and personalized sales correspondence with multi-channel cadences tailored to buyer personas.
  • Automate account-based plays with continually optimized cadences.
  • Leverage personal and team email templates with dynamic tags and suggested alternative email content.
  • Use intelligent insights, tailored by persona, to reach the right prospects at the right time with the best content.
  • Automate lead assignment and execution involving the right people based on persona, activity, or account tier.
  • SalesLoft partners with Sendoso to send direct mail, gifts, and treats.
  • IP geolocation and browser detection show when an email is opened, how it’s being read, and where it’s being viewed.
  • Live Website Tracking lets sellers see buyers’ browsing behavior.
  • Record videos in emails along with a thumbnail image.

Administrative Portal

Create individual and team user profiles including role, territory, accounts and related CRM fields.

  • Profiles include seller skills for lead assignment.
  • Assign templates, scripts and other actions based on profile.

Alerts / Notifications

  • Notify when email opened by pop up within Chrome extension, product, Salesforce, and Slack.
  • Alerts based on status changes, success, replies to an email, clicks link in email.


  • Drip and marketing campaign reports by wins/losses, campaign, ad group, and keyword.
  • Analytics for content including email/text templates used in wins/losses and engagement.
  • Customized reports including fields from CRM and marketing automation integrations.
  • Email engagement with bounced, not delivered, number of times opened, time opened, time spent.
  • Website activity with clicks, time and corporate domain of visitor.
  • Impact on forecast/pipeline of monitored activities.
  • Seller/team activities including lead response time and communication scoring and response.
  • Seller and sales management dashboards with live activity feed, notifications, task/cadence status, next steps, product updates.

Calendaring/Scheduling Meetings

  • Native meetings and conference calling capabilities. Also integrations with 3rd party and with video conferencing.
  • Automating scheduling of emails to propose meetings.
  • Built-in meeting scheduler with automated follow-up, reminders, and options to change meeting time.
  • Drop-downs supported for field selection.


  • Drip campaigns assignable by seller.
  • Build campaign lists from CRM and marketing automation.
  • Lead routing based on campaign.
  • A/B testing.

Contact Information

  • Add contact info and automatically append to CRM.
  • Display contact information prior to sending email.
  • Sync contact information to Gmail and Outlook.
  • Import data from CSV files, Excel, and Google Sheets.


  • Create content links in emails and texts.
  • Create templates for emails and content.
  • Customize content from within product for emails and templates.
  • “Snippets,” such as paragraphs can be used in emails with dynamic tags to insert content based on template.
  • Searchable content library.

Dialer / Call Functionality

Phone dialing, tracking and reporting functions supported as add-on module.

Email & Text

  • Multiple text/mobile accounts.
  • Multi-channel sending (email, phone, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • Mass emails with personalization (mail merge, templates).
  • Access templates in-solution, email, or CRM.


Users can provide comments/ratings on templates and other elements.

Gamification / Leaderboards

  • Support for leaderboards.


  • Create sales cadences, guided selling, and track related activities.
  • Automate lead distribution based on lead score, geo/territory, round robin, current queue, work schedule, and availability.


Recommendation engine for next best actions. For steps within a cadence, elevation of next steps based on actions identified as indicating intent.


  • Business Intelligence/Marketing Automation: Via API and from Salesforce.
  • CRM: Runs native within Salesforce.
  • Email / Calendars: MS Exchange and Outlook, Google.
  • Conference Calling / Video: Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Joinme, Uber Conference, Zoom.
  • Content Management / Sales Enablement: Costello, Docsend, Highspot,, OneMob, Sendoso, Showpad, Sigstr, Videolicious, VidGrid.
  • Sales Intelligence: Extensive list of 3rd party data sources. Requires separate fee to access and use data.
  • API/SDK: Available


Supports multiple instances.


Customer Support: Online knowledge-base, email and chat 12 hours a day, 5 days a week.


  • For fee services for enhanced onboarding, group and customized workshops, utilization audits, and augmented admin services.

Device / WebSupport

  • Web: All current browsers, extension available for Chrome.
  • Mobile / Tablet: Android, iOS, any device that can support a modern browser.

Language Support:

User Interface: English.