Sales Technology and
ROI Workshop

The Impact on ROI with Sales Technology

Many enterprise and midmarket businesses that we engage with don’t have a process or system to effectively measure their sales technology ROI. In many cases, these companies lose millions every year because of unused, misused, or ineffectively used sales tech solutions, and without adequate tracking, most aren’t even aware of the magnitude of the problem. Companies starting out with sales technology solutions can fall into this ROI trap particularly quickly.

Lack of an ROI Focussed Sale Technology Process Causes:

• Extremely low sales technology adoption rates
• Unforeseen gaps in sales productivity
• Inadequate usage costs
• Increased complexity
• Inconsistent time management

Vendor Neutral's Sales Technology ROI Workshop

The ROI gap for Sales Technology is an escalating problem for enterprise and midmarket organizations, and we recognized there was no effective solution. That’s why we developed the sales technology ROI workshop—a personalized educational framework that identifies your gaps in sales tech and any ROI-related issue and challenges specific to your company.

Our Six-Step ROI Workshop and Framework Covers:

  • Your Current Tech State
  • Current Cost For Tasks
  • Goals for Improvement
  • Solution Cost
  • Estimated Benefits and Value
  • Current Cost vs Estimated Benefits
Identify ROI Sales Stack
How Our Technology and ROI workshop helps you:


Through this workshop, we identify what category(s) of solution will make the greatest positive impact for your organization, and we then develop and clearly define the real and potential value for the existing or prospective tech.


When using any technological solution, we know ROI is not solely defined by the number of leads generated or business deals closed. Our workshop accounts for all relevant factors, including costs associated with onboarding, training, turnover, tasks, administration, and more.


Our ROI workshop is not only meant for those who have already made this investment but those who are considering the real costs associated with the integration and onboarding of new technology.

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