How to Build the Perfect Tech Stack – Webinar

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Importance of a tech stack and what tech stack gotchas are

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Determine an ideal tech stack for your business

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Three steps you can take immediately to get started

Have you ever heard of a technology stack? Or, if you’re a cool kid, you know it as a “tech stack.” In the modern sales world, your tech stack is crucial to sales effectiveness and efficiency…

That sounds pretty important, right? But do you understand why it’s important? It has a big impact on your ability to hit targets now and into the future.

And tech stacks are not one size fits all- you can’t just copy what others do. In fact, with 600 technologies to choose from, you should probably work with someone who has experience. And that’s where we come in…


May 23 2019


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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2519 N Ocean Blvd,
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