How to Unlock the Secrets to Mid-Market Digital Transformation and Whip Your Sales SaaS Ecosystem Into Shape

Secrets to Mid-Market Digital Transformation Webinar


Our next webinar will help you cross into the winning minority.

Zoning in on what we know about successful digital transformation, our panel of sales experts will equip you with the tools you need to articulate the necessity of strategizing digitalization to those that need to listen – and help you get that win: executing a comprehensive transformation to a sustainable SaaS ecosystem.

Join our panelists Lars Helgeson (GreenRope), Nate Tutas (Membrain), and Dan Cilley (Vendor Neutral) and

Learn How to:

  • Gain support from leadership and get traction for a transformation initiative.
  • Extend the reach & influence of back-office technologies (CRM, ERP).
  • Migrate away from legacy technologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Understand the KPI’s and the ROI – Leveraging the data from these improvements to help you make more effective business decisions.

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Aug 11 2022


1:00 pm
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