Vendor Certification

With 500 SalesTech vendors, how can you stand out? Get certified by Vendor Neutral. All Certified vendors are showcased in the Vendor Neutral & Smart Selling Tools SalesTech Landscape and may be matched to $100M and larger companies seeking sales technology.

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Vendor Neutral advises companies that are $100M* and larger.

We match certified vendors with qualified buyers. Certification involves an in-depth questionnaire and review. With 100 certified vendors we can match vendor capabilities to buyers with those capability gaps.

Buyers are asked about more than 100 capabilities to uncover specific challenges. The results are combined with insights learned from discovery calls – including an understanding of existing technologies and satisfaction levels – and together challenges are prioritized.

Vendor Neutral then makes targeted recommendations for the best combination of sales technology to meet the most needs today and moving forward.

Don’t miss out on valid opportunities.

Certified 100 Landscape

* Organizations of this size, normally see the greatest value in our services based on potential ROI and rebates received directly from the vendors.