Vendor Neutral Announces Certified Profiles™ to Help Buyers Find the Right SalesTech

Renowned Sales Enablement Expert Steven W. Wright Will Oversee the Vendor Neutral Certification Program™ and Produce Certified Profiles™ on Qualified Vendors within the SalesTech Landscape

Boca Raton, FL – August 1, 2018 – Vendor Neutral™, which offers innovative programs for sales and marketing buyers to discover the best sales technology path, today announced its hiring of Steven W. Wright, sales enablement expert, and former Sr. Analyst, Forrester Research, to build and drive the Vendor Neutral Certification Program™ and produce Vendor Neutral™ Certified Profiles™. This new offering will empower buyers to learn from objective, credible profiles of key sales tech vendors.

“The sales tech landscape is more vibrant and crowded than ever,” says Nancy Nardin, Co-Founder of Vendor Neutral and Founder of Smart Selling Tools, well known for the SalesTech Landscape. “With over 500 vendors, cutting through the noise has become difficult if not impossible for buyers.” “The vendors we engage with are excited for the creation of Certified Profiles, providing a new channel that validates and differentiates their solutions and provides the opportunity to align with buyers” says Dan Cilley, Co-Founder of Vendor Neutral.

Vendor Neutral Certified Profiles™ offer a way to empower buyers to understand what vendors offer in a clear, consistent way. This helps create a neutral playing field to evaluate vendor capabilities and how they align to their own. Having Steven lead the certification program, with more than 20 years of experience in B2B sales enablement and as a former Forrester Analyst, buyers can be assured of getting information that is timely, accurate and trusted.

“Powered by Dan and Nancy’s incredible breadth of knowledge in sales enablement and SalesTech, Vendor Neutral Certified Profiles™ are a perfect opportunity to leverage my skills and knowledge both in working with vendors as well as buyers and practitioners,” says Wright. “These Certified Profiles™ of vendors give new depth to information about SalesTech solutions, equipping buyers with the knowledge and insights they need to find the right tools for their needs.”

Wright’s experience with sales enablement goes back 20 years to when he first created a sales enablement team for Candle Corporation, later acquired by IBM. “Back then, there just weren’t the tools or technology available to help drive sales enablement, readiness and effectiveness. It was all very hand-built. Now, the opposite is true – the range of solutions is amazing, but confusing, and buyers need help,” says Wright.

About Vendor Neutral

Vendor Neutral provides practical resources and advice to buyers, helping them through the SalesTech selection process. With Certified Profiles™, assessments, and more, Vendor Neutral supports an organization’s goal of Selling More, in Less time, at the Right Price, with Lower Costs. Vendor Neutral’s sole focus is to provide objective recommendations and clarity that clients know they can rely on. Vendor Neutral provides sensible advice that serves buyer’s best interests while avoiding academic double-speak and marketing mumbo jumbo.

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