SalesTech Concierge Service

Targeted Recommendations and Vendor Introductions

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Don’t choose an expensive, complicated needs-analysis process. Use our SalesTech concierge service instead. With our unique expertise, we can help you:

  • Prioritize your objectives
  • Identify a salestech roadmap
  • Recommend the right mix of solutions
  • Coordinate and moderate discovery calls with vendors

In 30-60 days, we’ll have you talking to the right vendors based on your unique situation.

Select CONCIERGE SERVICE and get on the fast path to revenue growth.


Sales Technology

Recommendation Advisory Program

We offer targeted Sales Enablement Technology Advice based on Sales Capability Gap Analysis Assessments and focused discovery calls. Vendor Neutral is here to help you make fast, achievable progress.

What you need to know:

  • You’ll get unbiased recommendations
  • We’ve certified more than 40 vendors
  • We have the G2 on more than 500 SalesTools
  • We work fast so you can grow revenue fast


The Sales Enablement & Technology Exchange

We’re building the world’s largest knowledgebase of SalesTech solutions with detailed information on capabilities and ROI so we can make the right recommendations to businesses (generally $100M and up) based on their unique goals and challenges. Our exchange helps buyers gain insights on specific vendor offerings that match their unique needs – based on capability gaps – while simultaneously introducing solution providers to genuine buyers.

SalesTech Landscape

Be added to Nancy Nardin’s SalesTech Landscape. There are more than 500 solutions on our infographic. Are you included?

If not, complete the brief questionnaire and we’ll get you added at no charge.

Vendor Certification

Certified vendors go through a rigorous verification process that begins with an in-depth questionnaire. Rise above the noise and differentiate yourself among competitors.

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