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Our mission is to simplify the sales technology adoption, integration, and selection process to enhance our clients’ ROI.
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We created Vendor Neutral after years of identifying and recognizing the many sales technology–related challenges enterprise and midmarket businesses face daily. We saw the negative economic impact of these challenges on organizations and knew there had to be a better way.

Vendor Neutral Consulting Services

Here are some of the challenges we were consistently encountering:

  • A complicated, overwhelming sales technology selection process
  • Diminishing returns on technology investments
  • Misalignment of stakeholders
  • Unpredictable or unsustainable growth
  • Low sales tech adoption rates

We recognized these problems were prevalent in many businesses throughout the market and were escalating yearly.

Our Story

We started our business from humble beginnings, spending years heavily researching the competitive sales technology landscape and eventually evolving into an analyst and advisory service. Today we are a full-service sales technology consultancy, focusing our attention on the sales technology selection process, driving organizational sales technology adoption systems, and enhancing sales ROI.

Vendor Neutral was born from a genuine desire to help companies fix these sales technology issues.

-- Dan Cilley, CEO
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