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Identify the sales technologies that will have the biggest impact on your business - and make sure they're integrated seamlessly.

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The Business Problem With Sales Technology Today

Are you overwhelmed by the vast amount of sales technology options in the market? Are you feeling the increasing demand on your business to incorporate new sales tech in order to effectively drive growth? You’re not alone.

Vendor Neutral has the research and experience to help you make an informed decision.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Every company is unique, with their own set of priorities and process. We’ll work with you to identify the sales technologies that will have the biggest impact on your business – and make sure they’re integrated seamlessly.

Many businesses today struggle with creating an effective sales technology strategy and selection process. The result? Low adoption rates and poor ROI. Companies lose millions every year because of their sales tech solutions…and most don’t even know it. This happens throughout the market, and the problem is escalating every year.

Why This Happens

No formal sales technology selection process
• Not a well-structured sales technology strategy and roadmap
• Lack of alignment process for Stakeholders
• No practical plan to gain buy-in and adoption

Vendor Neutral's Sales Technology Selection

Vendor Neutral has spent years researching and identifying the core challenges business are facing with their sales technology strategy, selection and enhancing ROI.

We know these are major problems and a financial burden on Enterprise and Mid-Market businesses. Determined to fix it, we developed our unique sales technology selection strategy and framework.

Our sales technology selection strategy follows a proven framework that reduces the complication of identifying and selecting sales technologies and minimizes the resources required to support their successful integration and employee onboarding.

Vendor Neutral Stack Framework
The 5 E's of Vendor Neutral's Sales Technology Ecosystem

This occurs in the Execute Stage of our Sales Technology Ecosystem –  A proven sales tech strategy that aligns with your priorities and goals. Clearly defining the best solutions to meet your requirements.

How Our Sales Technology Selection Process works


Supported by the results of our stakeholder and technology audit, we evaluate the capabilities of both the individual seller and the organization to utilize these resources. These insights provide a deep understanding of an organization’s ability to support their teams through content and coaching and a rep's ability to understand and utilize the technology being considered.


We compare your capability levels with the existing technology gaps, simultaneously aligning technology that best matches your ability to the right solution, ensuring the greatest return on your investment.


With a clear understanding of which tech will impact your organization the most, as well as your ability to effectively utilize those solutions, we then provide the detailed questions you need to ask yourself and the potential vendors. The answers to these questions ensure we have identified the resources that best align to your priorities and process.


Vendor meeting moderation is also available through our capabilities. Instead of you coordinating and managing vendor engagements, we represent your organization and manage all aspects of RFP development, coordination, and scheduling between the vendor community, Vendor Neutral, and your team.

Learn More About Our Sales Technology Selection Process

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