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Why Aligning Stakeholders and Auditing Your Sales Techology is Crucial to Your Business

For many organizations, misaligned stakeholders and the lack of clarity around sales technology infrastructure equate to millions in wasted yearly revenue. Often without even realizing it, many businesses experience poor ROI on sales technology due to…

  • Overwhelming data on available sales technologies
  • Overlapping and unintegrated sales technologies
  • Sales process gaps
  • Misaligned stakeholders

Vendor Neutral's Stakeholder Analysis & Sales Technology Audit Strategy

Executives require a well-defined system to identify and to align stakeholders and to clearly define their ROI gaps. That’s why we developed our stakeholder analysis. Our proprietary stakeholder analysis and process clearly defines your gaps between stakeholders and sales technology. This is vital in effectively aligning your stakeholders and integrating your sales technology across departments.

Our sales technology audit for enterprise businesses assesses whether the technology currently within each of the stakeholder departments meets the stated organizational objectives. We ensure there is no overlapping software, which minimizes the chance of poor ROI, low value, and business risk.

The 5 E's to Vendor Neutral's Sales Technology Ecosystem

This occurs in the Evaluate Stage of our Sales Technology Ecosystem – Providing Stakeholders real clarity on their sales technology requirements, needs and gaps. Overcoming ambiguity and providing a roadmap where to focus.

It is our mission to reduce potential negative impacts and to manage stakeholders through the development of a strategic technology roadmap. 

Our sales technology audit assesses whether the technology within each of the stakeholders’ departments meet the stated organizational objectives. We ensure there is no overlapping software, which minimizes the chance of poor ROI, low value, and business risk

How Our stakeholder analysis & Sales Technology Audit process works:


We define your stakeholders, who’s affected by your Sales Technology integration and others who may not have been considered.


We uncover the interest level and willingness of these affected stakeholders. Who’s bought in to work cross-functionally with your sales technology.


We define which people within your organization will be most affected by the work we will do. How we help them best incorporate your sales technology effectively.


We define what is most important to your stakeholders and their goals. How we can support them to enhance your sales technology ecosystem.


We define and clarify the supporting resources and data to justify your sales technology roadmap.

How Can Our Sales Technology Audit and Stakeholder Analysis Directly Impact Your Sales ROI?

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