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Why a Sales Technology Strategy is Important

Enterprise and midmarket businesses are dealing with rapid changes within their organizations, as well as ongoing requirements to effectively manage and to adopt existing and new sales technology. If these businesses expect a strong ROI, a scalable and consistent sales technology strategy is vital.

Without a Sales Technology Strategy, Business Challenges Persist Due To:

• Low adoption rates
• Poor ROI
• Misaligned departments and stakeholders
• Inability to consistently accelerate growth

These challenges are prevalent—and growing rapidly—and businesses have asked us to address this. This is why we decided to scale our enterprise sales technology strategy into a multiyear solution.

Vendor Neutral's Sales Technology Strategy

Our sales technology strategy is foundational to effectively selecting, integrating, and adopting new and existing sales technology. Without a well-defined and frequently updated yearly strategy, your ongoing sales technology adoption process and ROI are both at risk.

Through our Sales Technology Strategy Vendor Neutral maintains an ongoing understanding of your infrastructure so we can support any potential future sales technology, future integration or training initiatives.

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How Our Sales Technology Strategy works


Vendor management - Instead of you coordinating and managing vendor engagements, we represent your organization and manage all aspects of RFP development, coordination, and scheduling between the vendor community, Vendor Neutral, and your team.


We maintain an ongoing understanding of your infrastructure so we can support any potential future sales technology or training initiatives.


With a clear understanding of which tech will impact your organization the most, as well as your ability to effectively utilize those solutions, we then provide the detailed questions you need to ask yourself and the potential vendors. The answers to these questions ensure we have identified the resources that best align to your priorities and process.

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