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Sales Technology and Low Adoption Rates

Most organizations today fail at sales technology adoption, costing them time, valuable resources, and potentially millions in revenue. This problem is particularly prevalent in enterprise and midmarket organizations in the B2B arena.

We have identified these common challenges as the root causes behind problematic adoption and integration of sales technology:

  • Lack of senior management awareness
  • Employees’ skill gaps
  • Organizational culture
  • Cost and risk
  • Issues of complexity
  • Inadequate infrastructure

Sales Technology Adoption Program

We have created our sales technology adoption program based upon our client’s challenges, needs and requirements to have an integrated system to fully gain technology adoption in their businesses. Vendor Neutral’s integrated system is a proprietary process to fully gain adoption of your sales technologies.

Enterprise sales technology adoption cannot occur without the support of these types of resources. Without a plan for communication, onboarding, training, coaching, and support, sales technology will sit on the shelf and not be utilized

The 5 E's of Vendor Neutral's Sales Technology Ecosystem

Sales Technology Adoption

This occurs in the Elevate Stage of our Sales Technology Ecosystem –  Overcome the massive barriers to low sales tech adoption rates. An integrated system to align stakeholders and drive consistent sales tech adoption.

Vendor Neutral’s sales technology identification and selection resources are now supported by a certified and integrated network of tech integration, sales training, and process improvement partners.

How Our Sales Technology Adoption Program Works

On Boarding

Our onboarding resources ensure that you are able to get the most out of your sales technology and easily integrate new tools with existing infrastructure and resources.


We represent your organization and manage all aspects of training development, coordination, and scheduling between the vendor community, Vendor Neutral, and your team.


The next step to fully gaining adoption for your sales technologies and getting the most ROI.

On-Going Support​

With us, you know you have someone in your corner who’s offering unbiased opinions that best serve your interests. 

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