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The Course

Integrity Selling is a comprehensive sales training course with a specific focus on values and ethics. It teaches both the selling skills required to understand, influence, and advance buying decisions as well as the emotional factors that drive high-achievement (attitude, motivation, and self-belief). The course was created in 1968 by Ron Willingham.

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Course Topics

  • Proactively planning for positive sales outcomes
  • Recognizing and adapting to different Behavior Styles
  • Building trust throughout the sales relationship
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Challenges Adressed

  • Lack of motivation and commitment to sales activities
  • View of selling and of the salesperson’s own beliefs
  • Ineffective preparation and trust-building skills
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Integrity Solutions

Integrity Solutions is a performance-based training organization that enables sales teams to build trusted customer relationships with integrity as the foundation. Their courses equip salespeople and managers with the mindset and skill sets needed to be exceptional at building customer relationships.

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