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Since 1999, Brainshark has developed and launched a comprehensive product portfolio for content creation, formal training, video coaching (with AI-powered machine analysis and scoring), deep integrations for Salesforce and other systems, and more. These capabilities form the core Brainshark’s sales enablement and readiness platform.

Headquarters: Waltham, MA

Offices: Boston, MA, Chicago, IL

Pricing / Packaging

SaaS subscription model (typically for two years) with pricing based on number of users. Options: Brainshark Pro for content and training; Brainshark Pro + Coaching adds video coaching and assessments, with Machine Analysis and scoring available for an added fee. Integrations with CRM, Highspot and Seismic are available as add-ons.

Implementation / Usage

Sites range from several hundred to several hundred thousand users (very high end).  Implementation time is largely dependent on the customer, with a range from 1-2 weeks to 1-2 months.

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Category: Skills Development & Reinforcement


Brainshark’s sales enablement and readiness software equips businesses with the tools to prepare sellers for any situation with:

  • Content that is quickly created/updated and accessed anywhere.
  • On-demand training speeds onboarding and keeps sellers up-to-date.
  • Coaching via video-based practice and assessments.
  • Machine analysis for scoring and augmenting manager feedback.
  • Analytics to track seller readiness with dashboards and reports.


Customers: 1,100+

Licensed Seats: 2,000,000+

Notable Customers: MetLife, PTC, Ping Identity, Spectranetics, Turbonomic.


  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Tech


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Latin America


  • Expand access to subject matter experts by easily gathering SME input.
  • Simplify finding the right content with dynamic search functions.
  • Improved coaching with video to measure, score and certify sellers.
  • Reduce ramp time with coaching, training, and content for every phase.
  • Improve coaching quality through measurement and scoring.
  • Reinforce sales process and methodologies with continuous training.
  • Better seller skills through video-based certification.
  • Reduce number of tools/apps by centralizing coaching, content and training development on a single platform.


  • KPI 1: Accelerate onboarding time by tracking completion of curriculum, courses, coaching activities, and other sales materials.
  • KPI 2: Improve product launch preparation by measuring readiness with knowledge/retention assessments and tracking certification levels.
  • KPI 3: Increase win rates by measuring and validating readiness.
  • KPI 4: Increase selling time by reducing time spent searching for relevant content and providing continuous access to learning resources.
  • KPI 5: Accelerate sales cycles with engaging customer-facing content in context of the sales situation based on what has worked best.


Key Capabilities

  • Empower sales reps to ask any question to team members.
  • Motivate sales performance and reward behavior with certifications, learning badges and leaderboards to encourage competition.
  • Proactively deliver expert knowledge with SMEs recording and creating content to be shared as formal/informal learning resources.
  • Just-in-time training for any device or delivered in formal readiness paths.
  • Reinforce skill sets and knowledge with video coaching assessments, quizzes and continuous learning content.
  • Role-play via recorded video to submit for feedback.
  • Reports and dashboards to track training progress, content usage and coaching activity.
  • Train on process & skills needed to build relationships
  • Train salespeople on the use of internal sales technology.
  • Understand prospects’ business and challenges by training on buyer personas and target verticals.


Extensive controls by user (role, time in role, position, etc.), group, learning profiles. User info im/ex -ported from CRM for Salesforce, API for others, also HR and LMS systems. Includes automatic enrollment based on profile.

Alerts / Notifications

  • Managers alerted to user actions.
  • Users alerted to required training.
  • Enrollment, reminder and completion notifications to users.


  • Dashboards at user, manager and admin levels in Brainshark and as a tab in Salesforce.
  • Content viewing, learning (course/curriculum details & summary), student transcripts, coaching activity (details & summary), content creation, admin/user reports.
  • Filter reports by teams, account manager, territory, industry, etc.
  • Certifications, quizzes, surveys and test reports.
  • Correlation with CRM-fields (sales stage, forecast, pipeline, etc.).
  • Student/group performance against average or goal, trends over time, impact/results tied to revenue.
  • Seller engagement, analytics for seller-created content for popularity and views.
  • Custom reports.


  • Logo, content thumbnails, and the portal URL.

Calendaring and Scheduling

  • Include enrollment and reminders for online training and face-to-face events.
  • Rolling dates based on when student enrolls.

Certifications / Quizzes / Tests / Surveys

  • Certifications, customized certificates.
  • Self/manager assessments as basis for enrollment in courses.
  • True/false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, free-form, automatic score and letter grading, practice tests. Also, manual grading (for free form text, videos). Set number of attempts. Navigable testing to trigger referral to related training based on scores.
  • Surveys support agree-disagree (Likert) scales.

Coaching and Guided Coaching

  • Distribute pre-coaching activities, alerts for when coaching is needed, track coaching, separate dashboard.
  • Templates available from 3rd parties for coaching.
  • Link content to recommended coaching actions.
  • Video coaching with NLP scanning and analysis.


  • Peer-to-peer video coaching and ratings.

Content Customization and Creation

Any content can be stored as a record attachment in SFDC is available and can be broken down at page/slide level. Documents can be created and edited in Data Dwell, and there are controls over what can be edited. User-created videos supported.

Content Management

  • Support for all document types, tagging/metadata used for search and recommendations.

Courses and Curriculum (including Micro-Training)

  • Display courses by category with descriptions.
  • Automatic enrollment based on role.
  • PowerPoint, slides, documents videos and voice-over.
  • Authoring functions including tests and polling, navigation, modules, automatic transcribing of audio for subtitles.
  • Versioning controls, including notification to students when new material is available.
  • Review and approval workflows, publish and expire dates.
  • PowerPoint, slides, documents videos and voice-over.
  • Guided training based on results and CRM fields.
  • SCORM and AICC standards-compliant.

Leaderboards and Gamification

  • Leaderboards (competition), Certifications (achievements), Progress Trackers (progression) and Learning Badges (points).


  • Step-by-step onboarding based on role or profile with automatic enrollment.
  • Progress Tracker provides insights into next steps, assignments due and status monitoring.


Machine Analysis of video coaching activities for scoring, feedback and practice. Analyzes a rep’s video and rates it based on pre-set parameters and compares against sales readiness indicators – generating an analysis and score for each submission.


  • CRM: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Email / Calendars: Microsoft Outlook.
  • Business Intelligence: Via IPaas infrastructure to export.
  • HR and LMS: Via iPaas to HR, link and embed courses from an LMS.
  • Marketing Automation: Via syncing through CRM.
  • Sales Enablement: Highspot, Seismic.
  • API/SDK: Available


Share/track content and learning for channel partners and distributors, based on permissions and assigned groups.


  • Customer: Online knowledge base, phone, email, chat. Premium support available.
  • Services: Implementation, education and roll-out at fixed price.

Device / WebSupport

  • Web: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer V.7 -11 and Microsoft Edge.
  • Mobile / Tablet: Android, iOS.

Language Support:

User Interface: Brazilian Portuguese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.