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Customer Value Management for Sales Challenges Addressed

  • Improve close rates, reduce discounts, and shorten sales cycles by producing business case content for each selling scenario.
  • Access to catalogued subject matter expertise to produce a Value Hypothesis and Business Case from ValueCloud®, delivered automatically to sellers via supporting MS Office assets for each selling scenario.
  • Produce “opportunity battlecards” with relevant content based on products, industry, competition, use cases, and other variables.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Reduce discounting and increase Average Sales Price.
  • Improve close rates.
  • Reduce customer churn and increase cross-sell and upsell.


  • Align sales technology solutions with buyer challenges.
  • Auto-recommend relevant value-based content to sellers.
  • Capture input from buyers to guide discussion and engagement.


ValueCloud®, on the web or as a Salesforce tab, automates and ensures best practices for all processes related to Value: cataloging and engineering value, account-based marketing, value selling, customer value realization, case study generation, and more. ValueCloud® enables sellers to quantify, articulate, and defend competitively differentiated value and automatically produces sales-ready assets in Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. ValueCloud® ensures consistency, quality, and speed in developing value propositions and business proposals, ensuring value is effectively communicated from a buyer’s perspective.

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