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Challenges Addressed

  • Access situational and subject matter experts.
  • Know who needs coaching and when by tracking who is asking and what questions.
  • Shorten sales cycles with answers to questions at moment of need.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Increase selling time by reducing time spent searching for answers.
  • Increase efficiency and scaling of subject matter expertise.
  • Increase visibility into knowledge gaps and training opportunities.


  • Automatically recommend content based on questions.
  • Capture and analyze recommendations to inform future strategy.
  • Develop insights based on seller questions to better engage prospects.


Kiite’s AI-powered assistant helps sales teams increase productivity and competence by providing real-time coaching and answers to questions within existing chat systems such as Slack. Kiite surfaces the information sales reps need when they need it, and proactively provides leadership with insights into knowledge gaps.

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