Challenges Addressed by Live Preso's Presentation Automation Solution

  • Simplify the process of customizing sales content for each customer by automating it.
  • Reduce sales cycles by automatically personalizing content to drastically reduce prep time, changing presentations live based on captured customer needs for fewer meetings, building proposals with interactive content, and integrating with CPQ, eSigning, and other tools.
  • Better outcomes from each customer engagement with interactive slide content, data-driven storytelling, in-preso data capture, rich media, non-linear content, and embedded sales tools.
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Key Performance Indicators

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  • Higher content ROI and marketing productivity since presentations are controlled and incorporate best practices and most current versions.
  • Improved customer experience with rich personalization, interactive tools, and data-driven storytelling.
  • Increased CRM use and maximized technology investments via integrations with ERP, business intelligence, data warehouse, asset management, pricing, cloud storage, eSigning, and custom systems.


  • Instant online meetings with no screen sharing required.
  • Know when prospects engage with content.
  • Know which content progresses deals.
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LivePreso Presentation Automation/Engagement

Founded in 2013, LivePreso is a data-driven customer interaction platform, delivering automation that goes far beyond the traditional content management solution delivered by sales enablement software. Integrating with existing data sources, LivePreso turns data into insights simply and automatically customizes every presentation to each individual customer in seconds.

Integrated with any data-source, LivePreso pulls information relevant to each customer into interactive presentation content saving hours in lost productivity and enabling guided selling to deliver world-class customer experiences. LivePreso transforms traditional sales by replacing PowerPoint with a live format that is automated and controlled by the business.

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