One10 PerformX Seller Incentive Software

PerformX Technology | Accelerate Your Employee Incentive and Recognition

Challenges Addressed

  • Increase number of deals.
  • More appointments, meetings, and prospect conversations.
  • Enhance seller skills by rewarding actions and training.
  • Reduce number of platforms in use.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Increased product sales
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Higher sales engagement
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  • Encourage usage with gamification
  • Publicize results of incentives and/or recognition
  • Support incentive/recognition programs for channels (dealers, resellers)
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Incentive and Recognition Software

One10 has spent decades fine-tuning incentive and recognition programs for some of the biggest companies in the world. PerformX is our modern SaaS-based solution that is the product of research, intuition and lots of feedback.

PerformX®, using years of experience from clients and internal experts to create promotions that are proven to work and produce returns, provides everything needed to create incentive and recognition programs that build high-performing teams with:

  • Homepage/Visual Dashboard that informs users about promotions and recognition activities, engages participants with status and action prompts, rewards success with points, and/or gameplays.
  • ”On the fly” Promotion Setup Wizard to pick products, participants, measurements, and payouts.
  • The ReX® rules engine for eligibility, rules, calculations, and payouts to eliminate manual work.

Learn More About One10 PerformX Incentive and Recognition Software

One10 provides a comprehensive suite of solutions, including PerformX, to align business goals with what’s important to the people who are the face of your brand: your employees, dealers, channel partners, and customers. They work with you to develop programs that inform, engage and reward your stakeholders. From incentives & recognition, to travel & events to marketing services, their expert, experienced team ensures they understand your business objectives.​ With a rich history that dates back to 1938, One10 is focused on helping clients by helping employees, channels and other partners do their best.

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