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Challenges Addressed

  • Find content with a searchable and graphical library that serves and prescribes content just-in-time and in-context.
  • Know who needs coaching with training and assessments for clear direction to managers on coaching activities and what actions to take.
  • Better forecasting with skills training and reinforcement so sellers and managers are better at qualifying deals.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Win rates.
  • Sales cycle times.
  • Deal size.
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  • Sales and customer calls are uploaded and transcribed for feedback and coaching.
  • Enable sellers to learn and practice asking questions at the right time to help their buyers solve their biggest challenges.
  • Prescribe content and expert advice proactively using our tagging, library, and learning paths.


Selling Through Curiosity powered by the SalesHood Sales Enablement Platform, helps companies achieve revenue growth results. It is delivered on-demand, live virtually, and in-person. The system helps companies grow top-line revenue faster by automating and prescribing how sales training is delivered, reinforced, and measured. Selling Through Curiosity sales skills content and role-playing is optimized for asynchronous and synchronous learning collaboration in virtual classes and in virtual selling.

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