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Challenges Addressed

  • Identify who needs coaching and sales skill development using data-driven profiles for sellers with 14 sales behaviors and cognitive attributes assessed and mapped to other sellers.
  • Reduce sales cycles with training to qualify deals faster, gather data efficiently, and evaluate and coach on negotiation and sales closes.
  • Shorter ramp time by enabling sellers to gain proficiency by practicing interactions in a safe environment with animated, 3D role plays, including feedback.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • Improved decision making with better hires, predictive quota analytics.
  • Up to 75% higher retention of sales skills using VR -based training.
  • Reduce ramp time by 30-60 days with on-demand training.
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  • Provide onboarding and sales development role-play practice in a safe,
    low-risk learning environment across multiple platforms.
  • Motivate sales performance and reward behavior with leaderboards and certifications.
  • Proactively deliver expert knowledge based on seller assessments and needs.
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The UPtick Platform™ is a sales performance intelligence system built to measure, predict, and develop the abilities of sales professionals while delivering to sales leaders the data-driven decision support needed to improve decision making, slash time-to-ramp, and increase revenue. Selleration offers solutions for hiring and evaluating professional sellers; flexible and interactive on-boarding; and immersive sales training that engages and enables sellers to retain knowledge and enhance skills.

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