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Founded in 1999 and depended on by more than 500 enterprises and tens of thousands of SMBs, TimeTrade provides an advanced appointment scheduling and in-location queue management platform. Serving both B2B and B2C audiences, TimeTrade helps capture customer interest at its peak, while exceeding expectations with appointment-driven personalization throughout the customer journey.

Headquarters: Tewksbury, MA

Pricing / Packaging

SaaS annual subscription with pricing tiered by number of seats / licenses.

Implementation / Usage

Customers can install the Scheduler for Salesforce managed package from the Salesforce AppExchange and be scheduling appointments within a matter of hours. Implementations can easily scale from 10’s of users to hundreds of users based on need.

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Category: Appointment Scheduling


Introduced in 2017, TimeTrade Scheduler for Salesforce accelerates sales cycles and optimizes engagement by allowing customers and prospects to book appointments, including dynamic web conferencing details, based on your team’s real-time availability. Compatible with all major business calendars, including Outlook, Google, iCal, Office 365, and Salesforce calendar, Scheduler ensures that free and busy times are accurately reflected and that booked meetings, whether 1:1 or with teams, are added to all attendees’ calendars.


Customers: 500+ (Enterprise), 10s of thousands (SMB)

Reference Customers: Carbon Black, Constant Contact, ForcastRX, Rhino7, Scholastic, Ultimate Software


  • Financial Services
  • Technology
  • Geos: North America, Asia-Pac


  • Access to subject matter experts (SMEs) by scheduling meetings with required resources, including buyers, sellers and internal SMEs.
  • Reduce sales cycles by eliminating the calling, chasing, and waiting associated with scheduling, helping sellers close more deals, faster.
  • Improve engagement by making it easier for buyers to connect with sellers for more frequent engagement, as well as fewer “no shows”.
  • Better outcomes from each interaction by enabling scheduling for multiple resources, so meetings are more effective and productive.
  • Increased conversion of inquiries to meetings, with up to 4x more appointments compared to “request a demo” or “contact us” forms.
  • More, and better data by automatically creating meetings as activities in Salesforce, with all associated information, eliminating data entry.
  • Faster lead-to-response with buyers choosing best times based on real-time availability, including calendar invites and reminders.
  • Reduce tools/apps needed by scheduling from within Salesforce, with no need to jump between apps for calendar or web conferencing info.
  • Increase win rates with more high-quality engagement overall, helping sellers improve their win percentage.


  • KPI 1: Increase sales pipeline.
  • KPI 2: Improve percentage of reps achieving quota.
  • KPI 3: Higher conversion rates of inquiries to confirmed meetings.
  • KPI 4: Increase in number of scheduled and fulfilled meetings.
  • KPI 5: Reduce sales cycle times.



  • Alert on missing sales steps or activities with automatic meeting reminders to reduce no-shows plus one-click to reschedule and view new times.
  • Create, share, customize branded email templates for invitations.
  • Deliver recommended actions using Salesforce Einstein to trigger meeting invitations based on activities or sales process workflows.
  • Trigger meeting invites based on activities, workflows, and lead scores.
  • Appointment activity recorded dynamically to relevant Salesforce record.
  • Online meetings via integration with leading web conferencing providers.
  • Know optimal number of touch points through analysis of past opportunity history and recommend meetings required to close a deal.
  • Web lead capture and routing with click-to-schedule links and smart matching using buyer requirements, territory, product interest, seller expertise, and more.
  • Send video and other rich media content via related email messages.

Administrative Portal

  • All admin and user provisioning functions from within Salesforce.
  • Manage and configure inbound appointment routing.Define pools of user calendars. Users provisioned automatically.

Alerts / Notifications

  • Confirmation emails and/or texts to attendees.
  • Automated follow-up email/text reminders.
  • Attendees can initiate reschedule requests.
  • Follow Up Meeting Requests.
  • Link to confirmation page and other content.


  • Compatible with seller and group/manager dashboards built by users and reports including related campaigns.
  • Eight pre-built Salesforce reports covering meetings scheduled and completed by user/team, meetings per converted opportunity by user/team, and average meetings set by opportunity. 
  • Data stored in Salesforce and available for customer reports / dashboards.

Appointments / Meetings

  • Ability to customize for available times/days, location, type of meeting.
  • Supports both 1:1 and team invites with multiple internal & external invitees.
  • Invites can be personalized with name and photo, along with full branding.
  • Automate meeting invites based on workflows, Salesforce triggers.
  • Real-time calendar access to avoid existing time conflicts, double-booking.
  • Pool calendars for multiple internal attendees’ availability (SE’s, support resources, etc.).
  • Schedule via customer-facing app using web link.
  • Use forms to gather additional info from attendees.
  • Note required resources (conference room, projector, etc.).
  • Supports coordinating time zones between seller and buyer.

Automated Invites

Generate meeting invitations based on Salesforce Einstein data, incl. lead scoring.

Compliance / Regulatory

Full support for GDPR and other regulations such as HIPAA.

Virtual Conferencing

Automatically generates a unique web conference link for each meeting.

Content / Templates

  • Invites and emails can include links to supporting content.
  • Templates are also supported and customizable.


  • “Click-to-schedule” links in mass emails, nurturing campaigns.
  • Mail merge shows seller availability and contact information.


Confirmation email templates can be configured to support engagement tracking such as when opened.


  • Integrates with web-based forms including for “click to schedule” and gathering contact information.


“Schedule a meeting” URLs can be embedded in invitations on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social platforms.

Routing and Queuing

  • Based on Salesforce user profile or form fields, route requests based on role, coverage, location, and schedule availability.
  • Build workflows to ask questions and apply routing rules.


Integration with Salesforce Einstein.


  • CRM: Salesforce
  • Calendars: Google Calendar, Exchange/O365 Calendar, Salesforce, others via .ics import.
  • Conferencing: GoToMeeting,, WebEx, Zoom.
  • Business Intelligence: All Salesforce reporting, any export/import to BI tools supported by Salesforce.
  • Marketing Automation: Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot.
  • API/SDK: Available


Based on permissions or assigned tasks, partners can be included in opportunities or create them.


  • Customer: 24/7 support. Customers at a minimum license threshold have a named Customer Support/Success representative.
  • Services: Added fee available for installation assistance and CRM or calendar configuration.

Device / Web Support

  • Web: All as supported by Salesforce.
  • Mobile / Tablet: All as supported by Salesforce.

Language Support:

  • User Interface: English.