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Varicent Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance Management Challenges Addressed

  • Shorter new seller ramp times with better incentives and faster assignment of territory and compensation plans.
  • Better analysis of key territories and accounts to highlight where sellers should focus.
  • Improved coaching by highlight training needs based on scores and incentivizing for compensation plans.
  • Better discipline for sales processes by incentivizing sellers.
  • Reduce number of platforms in use for SPM.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • 90% reduction in underpayments, unchecked overpayments, and
  • 60% more selling time by minimizing “shadow accounting” by sellers.
  • 50% reduction in compensation, IT, and administration time.
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  • Design, model, implement and manage sales compensation plans.
  • Allocate sales credits and manage crediting exceptions.
  • Gain insights from compensation, dispute, and payment trends.
  • Automate and streamline quota management.


Varicent offers a full suite of solutions to assist in smarter territory and quota planning, efficient lead-to-revenue operations, and incentive compensation management to pay sellers accurately and on time. Varicent combines powerful SPM technology with its augmented intelligence-powered solution, Symon.AI, to enable customers to quickly and easily see and address sales trends, problem areas, and opportunities by predicting outcomes and prescribing actions to optimize revenue.

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