Improve Pipeline Process with Road Maps & the Right Tech

AA-ISP Seattle is proud to present an evening focused on Middle Funnel Assessment and Technology to provide insights to accelerate your pipeline process. Panel guests and discussion leaders include Andy Paul, Nancy Nardin, Scott Johnson, Tom Williams, moderated by Chris A. Ortolano. To attend this round table discussion on June 12, 2019, at Surf Incubator in downtown Seattle, please RSVP here.


The evening is designed to address four ways to improve middle funnel progress; continuous qualification, stakeholder mapping, mutual action plans, and middle funnel assessment technology. The goal is to share a better understanding of how data, process, people, and opportunity management tech work together to provide insights that accelerate your pipeline.


What are the benefits of increasing stakeholder engagement, and developing mutual action plans? A middle funnel assessment can help you decide when and how to deploy these tactics. The benefits include defining specific buyer verifiers that help directors, account executives, and the buying team understand and transform interest to intent, and convert intent to decision making.


This AA-ISP Seattle chapter meeting will feature a brief panel introduction followed by four specific break out sessions. Bring your questions, and we know you will hope you walk away with a middle roadmap specific to your sales process to vastly improve your deal reviews and deal strategy.

So in reading this I am under the impression that these will be the break out sessions. Is that your intent?

Continuous Qualification

Better discovery can lead to the greatest impact on most business’s sales success and yet it’s a sidelined topic in favor of better prospecting. Learn what discovery means, who owns it, how we can do it better, and why all sales orgs should be more focused on it. Discussion led by Andy Paul, Author of Zero Time Selling, Amp up Your Sales, Sales Growth Planner, Accelerate! Podcast Host and Founder of The Sales House.

Middle Funnel Assessment Tools

Sales automation technology for middle funnel assessment has never been more robust, and complete as it is today. The benefits include more accurate forecasting, pipeline reporting, and C/W analysis. Predictive modeling and other A.I. enhanced solutions offer further opportunity to leverage data to improve sales process, and to use sales process to inform and improve decision making regarding next steps for both buyers and sellers. Discussion led by Nancy Nardin, Founder Smart Selling Tools, Co-Founder Vendor Neutral.


The Vendor Neutral Sales Technology Selector is offered as a free resource to AA-ISP members and can be found here. By taking Vendor Neutral’s Sales Technology Selector, you’ll get an instant report that matches solutions to your priorities.


Stakeholder Engagement

Relationship mapping to enhance deal strategy and improve deal scoring. Learn how to use deal scoring to segment and prioritize opportunities, and focus attention on the deals you can win. Discussion led by Scott Johnson, CEO and Founder, ClosePlan.

Mutual Action Plans

Mutual Action Plans (MAP) provide milestones and metrics that hold prospects accountable to meeting their required and desired outcomes. A flexible, scalable MAP helps your buying group think about their change management process, and in turn provides you with insights into the buying process. Discussion led by Tom Williams, Co-Founder and CEO, DealPoint.

Improve Your Pipeline Process

Join sales and sales process leaders on Wed June 12th in downtown Seattle for an exceptional series of discussions to help prevent deals that stall, slip or end in no-decision. Learn best in class ways to deploy buyer verifiers, introduce mutual action plans, and map stakeholder relationships.

Join the AA-ISP Seattle and Portland chapter meeting on June 12 to discuss specific ways to increase pipeline acceleration with middle funnel road maps and technology. RSVP and learn more here, and hope to see you there!