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Membrain - The Sales Enablement CRM for B2B Sales

Account Planning | Opportunity Management Challenges Addressed

  • Bridge from strategy to execution by helping sellers learn and follow processes using visual, informative, and actionable workflows.
  • Improve and reinforce seller skills using guided selling, recommendations, and integrated access to training content.
  • Quickly find the right content via a built-in content repository and track performance to see how it affects sales performance.
  • Track salespeople’s performance toward sales goals on multiple levels (results, objectives, activities) for better accountability and coaching.
  • Know who needs coaching and when based on analyzing actions and performance compared to goals.

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Key Performance Indicators

  1.  Increase win rates.
  2. Win bigger deals.
  3. Speed up ramp time for new hires.

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  • Specialized workflows for prospecting, opportunity management, and account segmentation, planning, and execution.
  • Keep salespeople focused on the right priorities and best practices.
  • Serve up content in context for both educational content and sales collateral.
  • Help managers track performance and know who to coach about what.
  • Collaborate on prospects, opportunities, and accounts.

Membrain's Complete Platform for B2B Sales

Membrain makes it easier for B2B sales teams to execute strategy by visualizing sales processes, embedding sales content in context, and helping managers to coach better. Membrain consists of three modules — Prospecting, Active Pipeline, and Account Growth — that when used together and with add on modules for Analytics +, Content Hub, and Dynamic Process Tools form a complete solution for the greatest value.


The philosophy to build workflows and tools specifically designed for sales teams engaged in complex B2B sales reduces the need for 3rd party add-ons, lowers total cost of ownership, and minimizes costly “app switching.” Download the profile to see the full pricing.


Fixed-price services offers a guaranteed timeline to customize, educate, and roll-out. 4-8 weeks for a team.

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