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Founded in 1998, Upstream introduced Membrain in 2012, available in a standalone CRM version and can complement other CRM’s such as Salesforce. As a company, Membrain works closely with many sales training vendors to support sales methodologies with technology.

Headquarters: Stockholm, SE

Offices: Denver, CO; Bangalore, IN; Ho Chi Minh City, VN

Pricing / Packaging

SaaS annual subscription at several price levels depending on team, enterprise, and other factors.

Implementation / Usage

4-8 weeks for 20 users. Fixed-price services offers a guaranteed timeline to customize, educate and roll-out.

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Category: Account & Opportunity Planning


Membrain, introduced in 2012, makes it easier for sales teams to execute using a defined sales process, for managers to coach better and for organizations to build predictable growth. Membrain adds the HOW to sell by guiding and coaching the behaviors and actions needed to continually improve B2B sales performance.


Notable Customers: Scania Mining, Skender Construction, Analitek, SalesStar.


  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
  • Technology


  • North America
  • EU / EMEA
  • AUS / NZ


  • Help sellers to learn and follow sales process and methodology using informative and actionable workflows.
  • Improve and reinforce seller skills using guided selling, recommendations and integrated access to training content.
  • Know who needs coaching and when based on analyzing actions and performance compared to goals.
  • Better forecast deals using a milestone-based sales process.
  • Iterate sales processes based on win/loss analytics.
  • Reduce sales cycles by mapping strategy to actionable workflows.
  • Quickly find the right content via a built-in content repository.
  • Improve and reinforce seller skills using guided selling and recommendations and integrated access to training content.
  • Shorten new hire ramp time by guiding sellers to best actions.
  • Reduce number of tools/apps by embedding features in one solution.


  • KPI 1: Increase win rates by using structured selling to guide sellers.
  • KPI 2: Win bigger deals by workflows and coaching of every sales step.
  • KPI 3: Improve quota attainment by following a sales process, tracking actions and alerting to coaching needs tied to goals.
  • KPI 4: Reduce sales cycles by built-in scheduling and alerts of actions needed to support an opportunity.
  • KPI 5: Faster new hire ramp-up since sellers are guided at every step.


Key Capabilities

  • Know every detail about every opportunity, account, and lead from every system.
  • Know which people from sales and customer sides are engaged, how senior they are and their relationships.
  • Keep reps focused on the right process and priorities with automated, AI-driven “next best actions.”
  • Collaborate on opportunity activities and responsibilities.
  • Identify referrals to help close deals.
  • Keep close dates current with predictive update recommendations.
  • Know which deals are in trouble (and why) before you miss a commit date.
  • Track and monitor changes in deal status and the causes.

Actions / Tasks

  • Playbooks with lists of actions/tasks and priorities. Based on criteria, can be created dynamically. Populate with relevant CRM fields.
  • Assign milestones to team members and track.
  • Changes reflected in CRM.
  • Workflows to review and approve actions and changes.

Administrative Portal

Customize data structure, set up processes, enable integrations, add and remove users, control permissions, edit templates, manage content, import data, design reports, etc. Can import user lists, run multiple instances of solution if needed.

Alerts / Notifications

  • Missed, follow-up, via email and visible in CRM.
  • Red flags and escalations based on missed or late tasks.
  • Sales management can be alerted.
  • Start/End dates for subscriptions to decks.


  • SWOT and Whitespace analysis including account targeting.
  • Predictive and prescriptive based on process stages, milestones, time-based rules, scorecards, and qualifiers.
  • Filter reports by account manager, territory, industry, etc.
  • Dashboards for sellers and sales management.
  • Win/Loss, Pipeline, Forecast reports.
  • Export data to Microsoft Power BI, Excel or via API.

Buyer Consensus

  • Select contacts to be included, or automatically populated.
  • Relationship mapping, org charts, buyer process, roles, influencers, deciders.
  • Alerts based on buyer team engagement such as email opens.

Centralized Account Data

  • All data from CRM available.
  • Opportunity related content including related emails.
  • Lead and prospect scoring data.


If allowed, users can customize processes; administrator can create process templates, fields are fully configurable including calculation, drop-downs, and scorecards.

Calendaring and Scheduling

Integration with Google Calendar and O365. Changes in plan reflected in calendar, alerts based on other schedule changes.

Coaching / Guided Selling

Manager alerts, automatic coaching emails to sellers with pre-written recommendations based on plan status and detect when actions were taken as a result.

Contact / List Management

  • Import from CRM or marketing automation. Export also.
  • Updates to contact automatically entered to CRM.
  • Mass emails with engagement/tracking data.
  • Qualification and Scoring
  • Automatic contact, opportunity, other scoring.
  • Sellers can update scoring with review/approval.
  • Dashboards and heatmaps shown based on scoring.
  • Scores can be imported from CRM or marketing automation.

Sales Enablement / Content Management

  • Access to content based on sales stages, steps, or other fields.
  • Membrain “Content Hub” to be released later in 2018.

Sales Methodology and Process

Templates supporting methodologies including Winning by Design, Baseline Selling, Value Selling System, SalesStar, Predictable Prospecting. Can be customized to support others.

Sales Playbooks

Create playbooks with recommendations and guidelines, by type of account, product or opportunity, and other classifications. Workflows can be part of a playbook.


Machine learning based on real-time data as a basis for recommending actions and content.


  • CRM: Salesforce
  • Email / Calendars: O365 Calendar, Google Calendar, O365 Email, Google Mail.
  • Business Intelligence: Microsoft Power BI
  • Marketing Automation: Hubspot, Act-On, others using Piesyncor Zapier to retrieve and sync data.
  • Sales Assessment Tools: Objective Management Group
  • API/SDK available


Based on permissions, or assigned tasks, partners can be included in opportunities or create them.


Online knowledge base, phone, email, chat. Premium support available.

Services: Onboarding offering for customization, education, and roll-out at a fixed price.

Device / WebSupport

  • Web: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari.
  • Mobile/Tablet: Android, iOS, any device that can support a modern browser.

Language Support:

User Interface: Dutch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish.