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Account Planning | Opportunity Management Challenges Addressed

  • Reduce number of tools in use by embedding key capabilities to drive sales effectiveness in one solution tailored for complex B2B sales.
  • Help sellers to learn and follow sales process and methodology using informative and actionable workflows.
  • Improve and reinforce seller skills using guided selling, recommendations and integrated access to training content.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • KPI 1: Increase win rates.
  • Win bigger deals.
  • KPI 3: Speed up ramp time for new hires.
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  • Collaborate on opportunity activities and responsibilities.
  • Identify referrals to help close deals.
  • Keep close dates current with predictive update recommendations.
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Membrain's Sales Enablement CRM

Founded in 1998, Upstream introduced Membrain in 2012, available in a standalone CRM version and can complement other CRM’s such as Salesforce. As a company, Membrain works closely with many sales training vendors to support sales methodologies with technology.

Membrain, introduced in 2012, makes it easier for sales teams to execute strategy by using a defined sales process, enabling salespeople with content, and for managers to coach better in order to consistently achieve targets. Membrain adds the HOW to sell by guiding and coaching the behaviors and actions needed to continually improve B2B sales performance.

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