Vendor Neutral Identifies Why Buyers Struggle to See Success on Their Sales Technology Buying Journey. Building Bridges Between SalesTech Vendors, Training Vendors, and the Buying Community.

Boca Raton, FL, December 19, 2018 – Vendor Neutral, LLC, the leader in SalesTech Selection resources, today announced the development of the Vendor Neutral Sales Training Landscape™ to identify and categorize the training organizations that support B2B sales organizations. “The goal is for buyers to find training and consulting resources along with the best sales technologies for optimal results. We’ve invested hundreds of working-hours to connect the dots between the use of sales technologies and the professional services, training, and consulting organizations that align to them.” said Dan Cilley Co-Founder, Vendor Neutral.

Applying the hierarchy and methodology from Nancy Nardin’s 2018 SalesTech Landscape™, Nancy Nardin and Dan Cilley, Co-Founders of Vendor Neutral have created the first of a series of landscapes that will support the success of the Sales Technology Vendor community and the buyers from large organizations who are looking for strategies that will ensure customer success and improved return on investment.

In the coming days, Vendor Neutral will be reaching out to more than 500 established training organizations and consultants within North America. These companies encompass twenty categories across the newly created Vendor Neutral Sales Training Landscape. These organizations have been researched by Vendor Neutral analysts who have established that these firms, group practices, and individuals have had an existing history of success and longevity in the marketplace. Those not immediately identified through these efforts will have the opportunity to complete an application and be added to the landscape moving forward.

Nancy Nardin, Co-Founder Vendor Neutral added, “It is our goal in early 2019 to integrate these training and consulting vendors into our buyers’ assessment results by matching their needs and priorities with the capabilities that the training and consulting community deliver. Building Bridges in the Sales Technology space is the right choice, we learned from the more than 6,000 solutions currently offered on the MarTech® landscape that a clear understanding of the factors that will support the long-term success is a good and necessary thing.”

About Vendor Neutral

Vendor Neutral provides practical resources and advice to buyers, helping them through the SalesTech selection process. With Certified Profiles™, assessments, and more, Vendor Neutral supports an organization’s goal of Selling More, in Less time, at the Right Price, with Lower Costs. Vendor Neutral’s sole focus is to provide objective recommendations and clarity that clients know they can rely on. Vendor Neutral provides sensible advice that serves a buyer’s best interests while avoiding academic double-speak and marketing mumbo jumbo.

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