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Sales Prospecting Challenges Addressed

  • Know who needs coaching and when by tracking performance on calls.
  • Shorten sales cycles with more and better qualified conversations.
  • Faster ramp time since sellers can start having conversations on day one.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Ten times more unscheduled conversations vs. a dialer application or
    manual dialing.
  • 100% automated follow-up for unscheduled conversations.
  • Up to 65% conversation coverage of any lead list, inbound or outbound.


  • Alert when sales steps or activities missed via automated follow-up.
  • Create call sequencing and email workflows by creating a set of actions including email and voice-mail drops based on user-set conditions.
  • Create, share, and customized email templates via integration with cadence tools.

MonsterConnect Sales Prospecting

MonsterConnect combines a sales acceleration platform with live calling agents. They do what the technology can’t: navigate phone prompts, interact with administrative assistants, and absorb all the wasted time associated with outbound calling. This allows sellers to make an average of 150 calls per hour and to speak with an average of eight to twelve decision makers per hour.

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