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Video Selling Challenges Addressed

  • Identify coaching needs based on evaluating video performance.
  • Shorter sales cycles by building relationships faster with video.
  • Higher deal volume.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Reply Rates to evaluate and improve targeting, messaging, effectiveness
    of videos, prospect engagement.
  • Video Play Rates with analysis of video play rates in aggregate and by
  • Appointment Set and Hold Rates for more appointments, demos, and
    meetings by adding evergreen or personal videos to requests and


  • Create, share, and customize email templates.
  • Deliver persona-based messaging in videos and via integrations with tools like Outreach to customize sequencing.
  • Automatic updates to CRM records.

BombBomb Video Selling

BombBomb, a video messaging platform gets sellers face to face with more people more often. It allows teams to quickly, easily, and securely record and send video messages in emails, text messages, and social messages. Create videos from inside the web app, mobile apps, Google Chrome extension, Gmail inboxes, Outreach, Zendesk, and Salesforce. For anywhere a link or HTML can be added, there can be a BombBomb video including Outlook, LinkedIn, CRMs, and other systems. Know who is watching videos, when, and how long. Dashboards for team video activity and efficacy by individual and in aggregate.

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