For many sales professionals and business leaders, 2020 has dramatically impacted how they sell and even the methods they use to work. In this unprecedented climate, one thing is clear. Developing and adopting new, innovative approaches in a post-COVID world will be vital to your ability to sell effectively.

We’re so excited to feature some of the brightest minds in sales as they offer their perspective about how to enhance selling today and into 2021. We’re especially thankful to David Kreiger for allowing us to share some amazing data his team collected through this year’s second and third quarter regarding remote sales. This data will help everyone who attends the webinar reflect and effectively prepare for what’s next.

This webinar will provide you with valuable knowledge and insights from sales professionals who are adapting and evolving their skill sets, clearly defining what’s working today, and sharing how they plan to evolve in 2021.

10.6.20 Reflections on 2020 Macbook Image

What you will learn: