Sales Tech Selection Horror Stories

Vendor Neutral is in the Halloween Spirit so why not share some of the Sales Tech Selection Horror Stories we’ve heard recently. And boy have buyers given us an ear-full of nightmares past and present.  With the help of Greg Smith of Imparta and Chris Kingman of TransUnion, you’ll hear a few spooky stories told by people you might recognize.

Everyone wants the shiny apple of digital transformation. It’s an important factor and word in today’s business vocabulary for organizations looking for a competitive edge. This word can be very scary and intimidating for sales technology buyers or organizations who have not yet begun this journey. Equally important and frightening is not knowing whether you’ll find success in your own sales tech selection strategy.

So many organizations find themselves paralyzed by the constant influx of vague messaging and marketing spin which leads to self-doubt and inevitably, to doing little to nothing to improve their own situation rather than making a big mistake.

Vendor Neutral was created to enable buyers – through our comprehensive assessments and capability gap analysis – to find their way out of the darkness into sales tech selection success. We can guide you to the houses with the good candy so you can avoid the houses that have the cool decorations but hand out the boring stuff that disappoints.