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Challenges Addressed

  • Access to subject matter experts with a crowdsourced and curated library of videos and assets.
  • Find the right content in a library that is uploaded, synchronized, tagged, searchable, and accessed on mobile, desktop and CRM.
  • Reduce sales cycles with sales process content, win stories, and coaching assets that are tagged for prescription of next best actions.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Higher win by prescribing the right content at the right time in the right context Content that is not easily accessed is surfaced for use in deals.
  • Shorter sales cycles with sales process aids that are internally/externally facing to sellers and partners.
  • Better quota attainment with proven sales content and win stories for guided selling with just-in-time sales strategies, stories, and assets.
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  • Assemble content on the fly with a slide presentation manager.
  • Create, and access email templates that can be shared as a regular weekly/monthly occurrence to drive operational rigor.
  • Define sales process with content organized with steps to follow and assets to use. Content is tagged and available in the CRM.


SalesHood helps sales teams increase sales volume and define sales prospecting strategies and sales execution pursuits with guided selling tools and a curated sales content library. SalesHood helps sellers win more deals and increase revenue by helping managers create a library of sales playbooks and sales templates that enable reps to sell more effectively and have better customer conversations. Sales teams can evolve sales process and playbook assets to enable sales teams to increase sales effectiveness.

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