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A Sales Content Solution That Addresses Your Challenges

  • Find the right sales content and shorten sales cycles with the right content at the right time to moves deals through the funnel faster.
  • Better engagement and outcomes from each interaction with analytics for content viewed to nurture and follow-up and even put relevant sales content in the hands of prospects before a meeting is over.
  • More buyer conversations by sending content in advance to warm up the prospect with content designed as “conversation starters.”

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Reduce time sellers spend creating and finding content.
  • Faster launches of new products by ensuring the right, easily consumable content is available and tracking how users share.
  • Increase win rates with content that has been proven to work in the past.
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  • Know which sales content progresses deals.
  • Know when prospects engage with email and content.
  • Deliver persona-based messaging and content.

Flipdeck's Sales Enablement Solution

Flipdeck is built for sales content to get more out of sales team, channel, and marketing efforts. Sellers don’t waste time searching for or modifying what marketing sent them and customers get the information they need right away. Reporting shows which content is working and which is not. Sellers can quickly find and deliver content customized to the buyer, driving higher engagement, and accelerating the sales cycle. Flipdeck helps create alignment across sales and marketing. Plus, with Flipdeck, clients don’t need to move content, so it can be used right away. A low cost, low risk sales content sales technology solution.

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