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Sales Tech and Innovation Hub #1

CRM Adoption

Sales Tech & Innovation Hub: CRM Adoption

Let's Talk CRM Adoption

Conversation + Collaboration + Community

Our challenges are similar, but how we overcome them is probably unique.

Our hub pulls people together to share and discover – creating a collaborative space for conversation and ideas to thrive.

Whether it’s gripes, goals, or game-plans – everything around sales tech and innovation is on the table. We’re a place to vent to each other – and support each other. Think water-cooler vibe – but amplified: everyone is invited to be in on the conversation.

Combining our mutual innovation, creativity, and experience, this is a community space to tackle issues as a group and share solutions that work.

Are you in?

FIRST UP: Let’s talk CRMs – quality not quantity

CRMs are the first topic we’re throwing into the hub.
Hands up: who’s frustrated with CRMs?

The stats from research cited by Forbes are mind-blowing: the majority of salespeople (69%) shared they would be much more productive at work – at selling – if they didn’t have to manually enter data into their CRM and a shocking 81% have made embarrassing errors with customers as a result of errors in data.

Does this match up with your experience?

What are your top reasons for feeling CRM frustration?
Have a success story around a CRM? We’re keen to hear it.

Expect insight from our team, plenty of chat, and strategies that work for the group as a whole.

Get involved, talk, resolve.

Sign up to watch the first Sales Tech and Innovation Hub get together. Let’s tackle this together.

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