How to Use Content in Your Outbound Prospecting Cadence to Book More Meetings

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Becc Holland Flip The Script Headshot

Becc Holland

A homegrown Texan who innately believes that hiring the right people, is just as important as developing them. Head of Sales Development at

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Lee Mayfield

Founder of Flipdeck. Making it easy to share the right content with buyers — and make your business look good

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Joseph Fung

CEO at Kiite, providing ai-enhanced playbooks, access to sales-ready content via existing chat systems, and line of sight into knowledge gaps for managers.

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Scott Barker

Running revenue & partnerships at Sales Hacker, technology evangelist for, host of The Sales Engagement Podcast and author The Forecast newsletter

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Rajiv Parikh

VP Product Marketing at Regalix. A leader in sales enablement and revenue operations

What You'll Learn

How to Use Content to Engage Prospects

The best sales assets to use in your outbound prospecting cadence to engage prospects.

How to Stand Out from the Noise

Actionable strategies to use content in your outreach to stand out from the noise and build trust and credibility as a thought leader.

Outbound Prospecting Cadence

The most successful outbound prospecting cadence to personalize every interaction and increase your selling efforts.

Master A New Process For Using Content In Your Sales Process


Research from Highspot finds that “74% of buyers choose the sales rep that was first to add value and insight, which means digital content and sales assets are now the center of the sales conversation.”

So how do you stand out from the noise and use content in your outbound prospecting cadence to engage your prospects and add value?

Join us to learn proven best practices and strategies for using content in your outbound prospecting cadence to capture the attention of your prospects, build stronger relationships, and book more meetings.

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