What Exceptional Sales Playbooks Look Like (And how you can build them too!)

On-Demand Webinar

Jim Berryhill DecisionLink Headshot with Logo

Jim Berryhill

CEO, DecisionLink

George Bronten Membrain Headshot with Logo

George Bronten

CEO, Membrain

Mike Simmons Catalyst Sale Headshot

Mike Simmons

CEO, Catalyst Sale

Scott Leese Surf and Sales Headshot

Scott Leese

Founder,Surf & Sales (Host)

The difference between good, bad and great playbooks in sales can make or break your chances of succeeding, especially in this climate. We’ve assembled a world-leading panel to understand how they built their playbooks, so that you can too…

You’ll learn:

  1. What truly great sales playbooks contain
  2. What sales reps should do with intent data leads
  3. How to go from good to great with your own playbooks

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