How To Make Cold Calling Your Biggest Source of Meetings And Closed Business

On-Demand Webinar

Tim Harris Conquer CMO Headshot in Circle

Tim Harris

VP Marketing, DialSource

Ryan Reisart Cold Calling Headshot

Ryan Reisert

Sales Director, ConnectAndSell

Devin Reed Headshot in Circle

Devin Reed

Manager, Content Strategy,

Aaron Browning Headshot in Circle

Aaron Browning

VP Sales, FrontSpin

Cold calling is still alive and kicking. Better yet, it’s a huge source of booked meetings and closed deals for the experts on our panel for this webinar.

Use the strategies and tactics they are using every day to push ahead in their market.

You’ll learn:

  • What winning cold calls look like
  • How to set up your team and yourself to get the best results from cold calling sessions
  • Mastering a call to action that converts
  • How to quickly get across your value proposition and attention grabber so prospects want to listen

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