Why A Sales Technology Ecosystem Is Essential

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Sales Technology Ecosystem Drive Growth for Your Sales Org

Why A Sales Technology Ecosystem is Essential

Selling today is becoming increasingly complex, and the evolution of business continues to move faster. Over the past year, many clients’ wants, needs, and challenges have changed, and there’s never been a greater need to dramatically transform your sales systems and processes to address that.

Watch our webinar to learn the step-by-step road map that leads you to an effective sales technology ecosystem. Discover proven methods to effectively align your sales technology to stakeholders, customer needs, and your overall sales org strategy.

Hear from industry experts as they discuss how to create an integrated sales technology strategy, including the review, selection, and adoption of time-saving, revenue-boosting sales technology.

Finally, discover how to implement sales tech solutions so your salespeople spend less time in the tool and more time selling…and driving revenue!

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Our Panelists

Dan Cilley CEO Vendor Neutral

Dan Cilley, Vendor Neutral

Dan helps companies clear the fog surrounding the SalesTech selection process. He strives to deliver more than just systems knowledge and expertise. He understands how to maximize today's sales and marketing tools to improve customer engagement without unnecessary disruption. From planning and integration to training and support, he helps enterprise-level organizations leverage modern technology to achieve their goals and objectives. Dan is the CEO and founder of Vendor Neutral, LLC, the CEO of telemaximum, LLC, South Florida Chapter President & founding member of the Sales Enablement Society, and the President of American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) South Florida Chapter. He lives in Boca Raton, FL and in his spare time loves to travel and scuba dive all over the world.

Ed Bilat StoryTelling Sales

Ed Bilat, StoryTelling Sales

Ed's research-based presentations and workshops are approachable, articulated and captivating; his delivery is concise, emotional, and impactful! Ed's presentations and workshops focus on helping business leaders inspire positive actionable change while creating competitive advantages through Storytelling Experience that is exceptional and unexpected resulting in revenue growth, happier sales teams, delighted customers and increased referrals. Ed has “walked the walk” and is always excited to share his secrets of success. As a martial arts practitioner of 30 plus years, Ed is the creator of the Aikido Selling and Negotiation method which gained him international recognition for its simplicity and effectiveness. Ed, his wife , and 2 kids reside in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. When he is not traveling around the world consulting and speaking, Ed can be found at the local dojo practicing martial arts or in the middle of a lake paddleboarding and fishing.

Julia Borgan Authentic Life Leadership

Julia Borgan, Authentic Life Leadership

Julia is the Founder of Authentic Life Leadership which provides Mental Fitness coaching for technology leaders and their teams to help reduce stress, burnout, turnover and achieve peak performance through curiosity, empathy, creativity, and calm clear-headed laser-focused action.

Walter Pollard Vendor Neutral

Walter Pollard, Brand Fuzion

Walter Pollard has 25 years of professional experience in marketing and sales—all with the common objective of helping businesses acquire new customers and create predictable, scalable, and recurring revenue growth in the digital age. His expertise lies in unifying marketing, sales and service teams through innovative customer centered strategies and value driver processes. Building digital experiences that lead from a position of value to drive growth. Through his company, Brand Fuzion, Walter provides business transformation strategies, innovation workshops, coaching and technology services where marketing, sales and service leadership teams get aligned to transform the way they sell in the digital economy. Walter has structured Brand Fuzion as a highly innovative organization, consistently challenging the status - quo to provide the most value for his clients.

Steven Wright Chief Analyst Vendor Neutral

Steven Wright, Vendor Neutral

Steven Wright targets how new technologies and practices can better equip B2B sellers to focus on customer’s needs. He looks for the intersection of technology and methodology to help organizations better enable sellers to improve customer understanding and sales progression via analytics and prescriptive actions that improve sales. With over 20 years of experience in sales enablement as both a practitioner at companies such as IBM and an analyst at Forrester, Steven focuses on improving sellers' skills at all levels and has worked with hundreds of companies, both customers and vendors.

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