Intent Data Strategies Sales Teams Can Use For A Competitive Advantage In Q1

On-Demand Webinar

Nathan Steele Headshot

Nathan Steele

Customer Success Manager, Owler

Andrew Briney TechTarget Headshot

Andrew Briney

SVP Products, TechTarget

Tukan Das Leadsift Headshot

Tukan Das

CEO, LeadSift

Andy Culligan LeadFeeder Headshot

Andy Culligan

CMO, LeadFeeder

Are you looking for ways to generate more pipeline and revenue?

Intent data is an untapped resource that many B2B sales teams are not using yet… which means you have the advantage if you leverage it right now!

4 leaders from intent data software providers join us on this live webinar to share how proven strategies they have seen and helped sales teams use to dominate their market.

If you want to have your best Q1 and Q2 of all time, sign up for this webinar to gain an advantage on your competition.

You’ll learn:
  1. How intent data arms salespeople with vital intelligence
  2. What sales reps should do with intent data leads
  3. How sales teams can share intent data leads to close their dream accounts
  4. Which channels are best to approach intent data leads on

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