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Founded in 2012, and introduced in 2014, Highspot is a modern sales enablement platform that is the sales & marketing system of record for sales assets and buyer’s journey collateral. It makes it easy for sellers to find the content they need, when they need it, along with the training and guidance to deliver it effectively.

Headquarters: Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Pricing / Packaging

SaaS subscription priced per month by user with tiered pricing based on number of licenses. Added fee services available for custom analytics and reporting, SmartPage™ development, and other services.

Implementation / Usage

Depending on amount of content and customization, most users are up and running in one to three months.

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Category: Appointment Scheduling


Highspot empowers businesses to engage in more relevant buyer conversations and achieve revenue goals. With AI-powered search and analytics, in-context training, guided selling, and 50+ technology integrations, Highspot delivers enterprise-ready sales enablement. Using Highspot, sales teams quickly find the best-performing content and customize it for each opportunity. Marketers gain insights on content usage and effectiveness to develop a data-driven strategy. With 90% average monthly recurring usage and global support in 125 countries, Highspot is the enterprise-trusted solution for sales enablement.


Customers: Hundreds

Seats: Tens of Thousands

Key Customers: Amazon, Apptio, Fiserv, Procore, SAP Concur, Twitter.


  • Distribution
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Devices
  • ​Pharmaceutical
  • Retail
  • Tech
    • Geos: NA, UK.


    • Surface the right content to sellers by organizing sales content in Spots™ a more intuitive way to look for content than files and folders.
    • Shorten ramp time for new sellers by organizing all relevant content and presenting with guidance on how and when to use.
    • Improve prospect engagement by ensuring only proven content is used.
    • Better outcomes from every interaction by showing sellers exactly how buyers have engaged with content.
    • Increase quality of buyer conversations with personalization and customization.
    • Improve CRM data quality with all interactions logged to the CRM.
    • Ensure sales process/methodology discipline through playbooks and recommendations keyed to opportunity stage and seller actions.
    • Improve seller skills with recommendations for coaching.
    • Increase win rates with data-driven insights to best actions.


    • KPI 1: Increase sales quota performance.
    • KPI 2: Better sales productivity, less time wasted on content.
    • KPI 3: Improve content ROI and reduce investment in low-performing content.
    • KPI 4: Increase effectiveness by correlating activity with sales stages.
    • KPI 5: Shorten seller time to first deal.



    • Access and assemble content on the fly during a presentation.
    • Create, share, and customize email templates.
    • Define sales process and specific steps.
    • Deliver persona-based messaging.
    • Deliver recommended actions using best practices.
    • Facilitate online selection of content/product with search and browse of internal and external content.
    • Provide buyers with personalized portals for content and collaboration.
    • Hold instant online meetings.
    • Know optimal number of touchpoints through reporting.
    • Send emails to a full list of prospects.

    Administrative Portal

    Content management, import and/or create user profiles.  Supports multiple instances.


    • View usage and engagement with seller-facing content.
    • Shows content usage by sales stage, time and frequency.
    • History of all contact-level engagement with content.
    • User, group and organization use of content and engagement.
    • Shows when content used in and out of recommended stage.
    • Opens, time spent, on which slides/pages, video time-marks, forwards and more for engagement.

    Content – Augmented and Virtual Reality Content

    Full support for HTML5, CSS 3.0 and JavaScript content.

    Content Customization and Creation

    • Support for over 40 file types, including videos.
    • Content broken down by page/slides for assembly.
    • In-solution editing, including videos with tracking, review, and approvals. Organize content in folders.
    • Include links to polls and surveys.
    • Create and customize form templates for scoring.

    Content Management

    • Scan all content, including transcription of audio tracks, for indexing and searching.
    • Publish/expire dates and review/approval workflows.

    Content Tagging/Metadata

    • Automatically and manually tag files based on scanning, including relevant CRM fields.
    • Batch updates to all metadata when needed.
    • Tagging used as a basis for search and recommendations.
    • With scanning, admin can select keywords to use for tagging.

    Demos and Apps

    Build demos/apps with full tracking capabilities.

    Email, List Management, and Engagement Tracking

    • Import lists, manage at account level, sort based on any field.
    • Mass emails., scheduling, videos, and video reply.
    • Email templates and user registration for links if needed.
    • See when emails/content opened, time and pages, where in video viewed, alerts to sellers.


    Comments, ask SMEs, track for reporting and at SME levels.

    Live Presentations

    • Track time spent on slides.
    • Assemble slides on the fly.
    • Integrate with 3rd party conferencing (i.e., Zoom, GoToMeeting).


    Templates for branded, customizable portals with alerts for new content, views of sales and buyer comments/action, and all engagement activities.

    Notifications and Distribution

    Via email, solution portal, filtered by user role and metadata.

    News and RSS Feeds

    Support for Google Alerts, RSS feeds and other 3rd party sources.

    Offline Syncing

    Sync content to devices, interactions tracked and uploaded.

    Recommendations/Guided Selling

    Based on CRM fields including contact. User demographics and gating to direct to other content. Shows description of content, including ratings, history of usage and reviews.

    Social Integrations

    Track in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

    Texting / SMS

    Trackable links in texts (FB Messenger, Google, Apple, etc.) and video messages/replies.


    Highspot holds patents for A.I. in search, recommendations, and content analytics. The Highspot search engine applies machine learning techniques to account for content popularity within company, recency of access, and effectiveness with buyers. A.I. metadata is also used for recommendations and relevance.


    • CRM: MS Dynamics, Salesforce.
    • Email / Calendars: O365 and Google.
    • Productivity: G Suite, O365, iWork, LibreOffice, Apache OpenOffice.
    • Business Intelligence: Any with standard APIs.
    • Marketing Automation: Eloqua, HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot.
    • Storage Repositories: Adobe Experience Manager, Alfresco, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Jive, Nuxeo, OneDrive, SharePoint.
    • Training: Brainshark, Docebo, LearnCore, Lessonly, MindTickle, LevelJump.
    • API/SDK: Available


    Supports multiple instances for partners/channels with full administrative portal.


    Email and phone, premium support available.

    Device / Web Support

    • Web: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox.
    • Mobile / Tablet: Android, iOS, Windows Surface.

    Language Support:

    • User Interface: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.