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Challenges Addressed

  • Provide content in context to dynamically prepare sellers for any buyer conversation.
  • Surface the right content to sellers by organizing sales content in Spots™ a more intuitive way to look for content than files and folders.
  • Shorten ramp time for new sellers by organizing all relevant content and presenting with guidance on how and when to use.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • Increase sales quota performance.
  • Maximize productivity by minimizing time searching for content.
  • Improve content ROI by reducing investment in low-performing content.
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  • Build sales playbooks and home pages seamlessly using SmartPages™.
  • Optimize content performance with actionable analytics and insights.
  • Find the right content at the right time, every time with patented AI search and Spots™.
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Highspot gives businesses the advantage to engage in more relevant buyer conversations and achieve revenue goals. With AI-powered search and analytics, contextual guidance and training, and 70+ technology integrations, Highspot delivers enterprise-ready sales enablement. With Highspot, customer-facing teams are guided to the right content at the right time, every time. Analytics empower marketers with data-backed content insights to drive strategy and maximize effectiveness. With 90% average monthly recurring usage and global support in 125 countries, Highspot is the enterprise-trusted solution for sales enablement.

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