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Sales Enablement Challenges Addressed

  • Product and market expertise is the leading indicator of high performance, yet 87% of training is forgotten in 30 days. Highspot surfaces training in context for each deal, driving a 5.6x increase in adoption.
  • Only 28% of sales leaders use the latest data and insights to inform decisions, 24% rely on manual data input, and 53% still rely on “gut feelings” and how they have “always done things.” With complete revenue insights, clients achieve a 5.4x decrease in time to insight.
  • Only 29% of Sales Leaders believe teams can adapt to changes in strategy. With sales plays and targeted guidance, Highspot customers achieve an average 5x increase in initiative adoption.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • Increased content adoption and marketing ROI.
  • Increased Training adoption, faster time to first deal, higher seller
  • Faster time to insight and increased rate of revenue growth.
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  • Manage Content: With Spots™ and AI-powered search, organize content and provide modern browsing and discovery so reps always find the right content.
  • Guide Sellers: Turn strategy into action with dynamic sales plays built with Highspot SmartPages™ and drive efficiency with winning efficiency.
  • Train and Onboard: Build native training content or import LMS courses to Highspot where the most helpful courses, lessons, and microlearning are surfaced for each deal – driving peak adoption and rep confidence.
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Highspot Sales Enablement

Highspot helps companies build a scalable and predictable revenue engine. With the content to engage customers, guidance to land strategy, training to improve skills, coaching to elevate performance, and analytics to inform action, Highspot equips every rep to execute with impact –empowering leaders to drive revenue and strategy with the full force of their entire sales team.

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