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Starting in 2011 Sydney, AU, Bigtincan pioneered using data science techniques and consumer-like user experiences to transform how sellers work. In 2013, Bigtincan moved headquarters to Waltham, MA. Bigtincan is a global business with users in 52 countries. The company conducted an oversubscribed IPO in March 2017 and has conducted four acquisitions of key technologies.

Headquarters: Waltham, MA

Offices: Chicago, IL; Glasgow, GB; Los Angeles, CA; Melbourne, AU; New York, NY; Sydney, AU; Tel Aviv, IL; Tokyo, JP

Pricing / Packaging

SaaS subscription with several versions at multiple price levels depending on functions. Also available through channel partners.

Implementation / Usage

A few days to weeks depending on features selected for an average of 350 users. Added-fee services include custom development, 3rd party APIs, and content creation.

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Category: Sales Enablement / Content Management


Bigtincan Hub, launched in 2012, increases sales and service team success by helping improve training, meeting prep, customer engagement, and collaboration with peers. The result is shorter sales cycles, higher win rates, increased customer satisfaction, and improved business results. Bigtincan Hub empowers users to access, share, and collaborate on content at the right time and on any device. It automates the small but critical tasks that are part of the sales process. It frees up salespeople to do what they do best: Spending time in front of prospects and customers with automation that supports every phase of the buyer journey.


Customers: 600+

Seats: 250,000+

Key Customers: ANZ Bank, Cardinal Health, GUESS, Merck, Thyssenkrupp


  • Communications
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Life Sciences
  • Phamaceutical
  • Medical Devices
  • Tech
  • Financial Services


  • North America
  • South America


  • Built-in collaboration lets users and SMEs interact.
  • Find the right content with visual navigation, guided selling, and recommendations.
  • Know who needs coaching and when with Bigtincan Learning.
  • Shorten sales cycles by recommending content tied to buyer journey.
  • Reduce ramp-time with micro training and gamification.
  • Improve interaction outcomes by providing content based on prospect keywords, similar successful content, and CRM-integration.
  • Improve data quality by automatically logging activities into the CRM.
  • Improve seller skills with adaptive learning based on seller actions.
  • Reduce number of tools/apps with a single solution for seller activity.
  • Improve win rates with proven content based on the opportunity.


  • KPI 1: Less time finding and creating content with recommendations.
  • KPI 2: Improve content-ROI by showing what content works.
  • KPI 3: Better win rates as sellers use proven content to present, share and engage with buyers.
  • KPI 4: Reduce sales cycles by built-in scheduling and alerts of actions needed to support an opportunity.
  • KPI 5: Fewer compliance issues by ensuring only approved content is used.


Key Capabilities

  • Access and assemble content on the fly during a presentation.
  • Define the sales process and specific steps.
  • Deliver persona-based messaging and content.
  • Deliver recommended actions based on best practices for your sales process.
  • Hold instant online meetings.
  • Know optimal number of touch points.
  • Know when buyers engage with sellers’ emails and content.
  • Know which content progresses deals.
  • Plan account-specific strategies.

Administrative Portal

Content management, user administration with import of user data from various sources, multiple instances.


  • Views of internal usage and engagement with content.
  • Map usage by sales stage, time and frequency.
  • Buyer/Account and user/team level views of engagement.
  • View when content used outside of recommended stage.
  • Opens, time spent, on which slides/pages, video time-marks, forwards and more for engagement.

Content – Augmented and Virtual Reality Content

Advanced rendering engine, and HTLM5 content.

Content Customization and Creation

Import outputs from CPQ, CLM, ROI and RFI/RFP apps. PDFs/PPTs separated by page/slide for assembly. User-edited/created versioning for review and approval. Native support for O365.

Content Management

  • Scan all text-based content for indexing and searching.
  • Publish/expire dates and review/approval workflows.

Content Tagging / Metadata

  • Tag at file or across files, including CRM metadata.
  • Inherit tagging from other systems such as Kapost or SharePoint.
  • Tagging used as a basis for search and recommendations.
  • With scanning, admin can select keywords to use for tagging.
  • Updates to contact automatically entered to CRM.
  • Mass emails with engagement/tracking data.

Demos and Apps

Supports HTML5 content. Bigtincan Studio (added fee) for demos and apps. Engagement analytics, and offline versions for buyers.

Email, List Management, and Scheduling

  • Support for mass emails., scheduling, videos, and video reply.
  • Email templates and user registration for links if needed.
  • Import contacts from CRM or local address book.
  • Support for drag-and-drop and HTLM email builders.
  • Calendaring and scheduling of emails and campaigns.

Feedback / Comments

User comments, connect with SMEs, ratings, and reviews.

Forms, Polling, Surveys

Full support with templates, question formats (multiple-choice, free-form, select-all-that apply, etc.). All customizable and scorable.

Live Presentations

  • In solution screen sharing, track time spent on slides.
  • Users can assemble on the fly seeing available slides.
  • Integrate with 3rd party conferencing. (i.e., Zoom, GoToMeeting)
  • Sellers can update scoring with review/approval.
  • Dashboards and heatmaps shown based on scoring.
  • Scores can be imported from CRM or marketing automation.


Brandable and customizable with engagement and forward tracking. Can have different views of buying team and buyer team actions. Automatic alerts to buyers of new content.

Notifications and Distribution

Via email, solution portal, filtered by job role, user group, type of opportunity, etc.

Offline Syncing

Download content to device, interactions tracked and uploaded.

Recommendations / Guided Selling

Based on CRM fields including contact. User demographics and gating to direct to other content. Shows description of content, including ratings, history of usage and reviews.

Social Integrations

Track links in Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

Videos / Presentations

Videos can be incorporated into content. User-created videos can be created and incorporated.


Applies A.I. based ontologies for conceptual frameworks to tag content and incorporate tracking, engagement, and usage by buyers and sellers.


  • CRM: HubSpot, MS Dynamics, Oracle CRM, Sugar, Salesforce.
  • Email / Calendars: O365 and Google.
  • Business Intelligence: Export and import CSV files.
  • Marketing Automation: Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot.
  • Storage Repositories: With Open API, connect to any.
  • Training: Bigtincan Learning, via SCORM, API or link for training solutions such as Brainshark or Mindtickle; Cornerstone and BridgeLMS.
  • API/SDK available


Supports multiple instances for partners/channels with full administrative portal.


Email and phone, premium support available.

Device / WebSupport

  • Web: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari.
  • Mobile: Android, iOS.

Language Support:

User Interface: English, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese.