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Sales Enablement and Content Management Challenges Addressed

  • Access Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) using interactive assessment, ROI, and TCO from sources such as Neilsen, Forrester, and Gartner.
  • Find the right content using text search and relevant matches with indexing of video transcriptions, images text, and text in Word or PDFs.
  • Identify who needs coaching with analytics showing content usage, success, and user-level views of how content is presented in meetings.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • Create on-brand and more engaging sales collateral for up to a 66% lift
    in revenue and save sellers’ time to focus on selling rather than finding
  • Distribute custom sales content in real-time including PDF, audio, video,
    PPT and Interactive Selling Tools with better control of branding and
  • Present and tailor your sales content to your buyers’ needs with interactive
    content incorporating ROI/TCO calculators and data visualization tools.
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  • Access and assemble content on the fly during a presentation.
  • Define the sales process and specific steps.
  • Deliver persona-based messaging.
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Medifly Sales Enablement Sales Software

Mediafly offers turnkey sales enablement solutions to fully custom sales applications to help companies increase sales efficiency and effectiveness and drive business results. It’s suite of content management and sales enablement tools combines AI-powered automation, seamless CRM integration, in-depth content analytics, and support for any content type to ensure a flexible and scalable solution to meet current needs and grow with the business along. Our advisory services team ensures your sales content and our technology are optimized to meet your challenges for the greatest return on investment.

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