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Challenges Addressed

  • Know who needs coaching with deal views, check how sellers are following the sales process, and search for any talk track.
  • More accurate deal forecast by checking if sellers are using the right messaging and how they are following the sales process.
  • Shorten sales cycles and increased win rates by surfacing critical deals based on risk factors and next steps.
  • Learn more about the challenges a conversation intelligence solution can help you with on Chorus’s Certified Sales Technology Profile.

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Key Performance Indicators

  • Shorter ramp time.
  • Increase in win rates.
  • Higher quota achievement.


  • Analyze recorded sales calls for increasing win rates and improving coaching opportunities.
  • Transcribe calls in text form in real-time and summarized based on conversation themes.
  • Identify usage or frequency of keywords and phrases and their impact on
    win rates with Mention Analytics.
  • Chorus’s full conversation intelligence profile to see the full list.

Chorus Conversation Intelligence Sales Software

With, companies never lose a minute of customer conversations. Calls and video conferences are automatically recorded and then transcribed natively and in real time to make conversation data search-able and readable. This helps sellers send personalized follow- up emails, update the CRM, and identify deal trends. Chorus’ A.I.-based insights find trends from customer conversations that impact deals and quota attainment.

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Learn More About Conversation Intelligence

View the full report on how's Conversation Intelligence Solution can help your sales team.

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