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Challenges Addressed

  • Speed up deal closing by generating documents quickly from propose to close.
  • Better prospect engagement with notifications as to who, when, and for how long prospects are interacting with documents.
  • Improved outcomes with in-document collaboration, professional looking documents, and notifications so sellers can respond quickly.
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Key Performance Indicators

  • More documents completed and distribute.
  • Higher revenue generation.
  • Faster time to close.
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  • Configure proposals with complimentary systems and solutions with integrations with over 12 CRMs.
  • Get contracts signed electronically with legally binding electronic signatures with certificates.
  • Know which deals are at risk with insights and engagement analytics to know whether deals are moving forward and included in forecasts.
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PandaDoc is an all-in-one document automation solution that enables sellers to create, send, track, and electronically sign quotes, proposals, and contracts along with improved deal workflows, insights, and speed.

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